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Price List Download Configuration


The <pricing> download type configures the OASIS Specialization to download pricing from the web or ftp site. Included in the setup is file name and how to map the data from the downloaded file.

NOTICE: Pricing files larger than about 20,000 items should not typically be downloaded. Please contact OASIS support for more information about OASIS dynamic pricing.

How does it work?

Once the oasis.xml is setup, the user keys the URL of your website containing the oasis.xml into OASIS with the required user name and password.

To download pricing, the user must select your manufacturer entry in their OASIS system under "Pricing" (this application is hidden under the manufacturers application). Then the user select "Update Pricing" from the "Tools" menu.

‚ÄčThe system then scans the oasis.xml for the pricing tag to identify the file name and downloads the file to the local computer. Then OASIS tries to find an active price list. If not found, one is created. The map tag information is then used to copy data from the file into the OASIS price list.

Data may be merged from multiple files simply by identifying multiple files and related maps. Please remember: OASIS will only retain one price for a given catalog number. For example: if "WG" is used to identify a 2 foot and a 4 foot wire guard with different prices, consider leaving "WG" out of the price list. (When possible, consider changing the catalog number for a wire guard to WG2 and WG4.)


  <pricing active="Y">
    <file type="file_type"
          name="relateive_path_name" | url="url"
        <partnumber field="column_name" | column="column_number"/>
        <description field="column_name" | column="column_number" | value="number"/>
        <level name="level_name">
          <price field="column_name" | column="column_number"/>
          <commission field="column_name" | column="column_number" | value="number"/>

pricing tag

The pricing tag activates pricing downloads for the OASIS Specialization. The attribute "active" must be set to "Y".

file tag

There may be one or more file tags to activate pricing downloads. If more that one file tag is found, all pricing files will be downloaded each time the rep updates pricing in OASIS.


type - the file type may be one of "xls", "xlsx" or "csv". Although OASIS will attempt to guess the file type from the file name extension, it is best to use the "type" attribute to ensure the proper file type is identified.

name - The relative file path name. This may include a path name (e.g. subdir/filename.csv) and may include %user% which is expanded to the user's login name to the site. If the name attribute is provided, the url attribute is ignored.

url - This is a full URL to the pricing file and must begin with the protocol (e.g. http:, ftp:, etc). The same user / password is used when downloading the file.

hasheaders = if set to "Y", the first row of data in the file is assumed to contain column header names.These names may then be used as a field name when mapping data into the OASIS price list.

map - required and identifies the fields in the OASIS price list the data is to be copied into. Only the partnumber tag is required. The following attributes are defined in the map sub-tags:

  • field="column_name" - if the file has headers, then the field name is the value in the first row of the file.
  • column="column_number" - the zero indexed column number. (The first column is 0.)
  • value="number" - sets the value of the item to "number". May also be a date for date fields.

partnumber - the catalog number of the product and is required

oasis fileds - the following OASIS price list fields are defined for mapping:

  • description - item description
  • effectiveend - effective end date - date when OASIS should consider the pricing out of date
  • finish - the fixture finish (e.g. bronze)
  • mfgpartnumber - the manufacturers ERP system item number
  • mfgquote - the quote number to return to the manufacturer if the pricing is to be used
  • overagesplit - the overage split to be used on this item (e.g. 80% is the rep's take of the overage is 80% - 20% for the manufacturer)
  • program - the product program for the item (e.g. "stock - ships in 5 days")
  • sku - item label sku
  • substitutionnotes - substitution notes to be displayed if an OASIS user prices the item (e.g. "discontinued - please see new series")
  • upc - item label upc
  • voltage - product voltage (e.g. "universal voltage")
  • wlamp - product lambing (e.g. "type A lamp not included")

level - a pricing level to map. Each pricing level in OASIS requires a price and a commission rate. The name of the level will show to the user. Although it is common to name the levels after a commission percentage, it is recommended that pricing columns be more generic - like "Authorized Low" and "For Overage".


In this example, the pricing is activated to download a pricing file name "PRICING.xls" with a file type of "xls" (Microsoft's Excel xls format).

When the user selects "Update Pricing", OASIS will login to the site using the user name and password for the workgroup they are assigned to. The system will download the "PRICING.xls" file and will either select the active price list or create a new price list if no active price list is found.

The PRICING.xls file has headers allowing the data to be copied into the OASIS price list using field names instead of column numbers. The following data is added to the OASIS price list for each distinct partnumber (catalog number):

  • partnumber - the item catalog number is copied from the file
  • description - item description is copied from the file
  • A pricing level (default is Price1/Comm1) is allocated and named "10%". Price is copied from the file and the commission is "plugged" to be 10%.
  • A pricing level (default is Price2/Comm2) is allocated and named "5%". Price is copied from the file and the commission is "plugged" to be 5%.

This is the example xls file:

The resulting OASIS price list would be: