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Configuring oasis.xml for the OASIS Specialization


The OASIS Specialization requires a file named "oasis.xml" to identify what data may be transferred and were the data is located. Below are a number of examples of how the oasis.xml may be configured to transfer different kinds of data. Since only one oasis.xml is allowed, it may be setup with multiple data transfer types between the <OASISSpecailization> tags.


Security should always be considered before implementing with OASIS. The first thing to consider is when a rep is released from their contract to represent your company. At that point, you need a way to "turn off" the connectivity. This is best done through user/password security on the site and the articles below provide some guidelines for ensuring security:


Data Transfer Types

The following data transfer types are supported with examples on how to configure.

Availability Configuration - Provide stock status (availability) for the reps.

(OLD- END OF LIFE) Web Configurator Configuration - Provide reps access to your configurator with methods to copy a configuration (or quote) back to OASIS

External Browser Web Configurator Configurator - Provide reps access to your configurator with methods to copy a configuration (or quote) back to OASIS

Price List Download Configuration - Provide price list downloads making pricing more easily available to all current reps

Configurator File Download Configuration - Provide product series in a configurator style

Orders: new, change and releases - Upload new orders and various changes to orders using various file formats

Order Status Download Configuration - Download order status to reps automatically

Invoice Download Configuration - Download invoices copies to the reps automatically

Payment Download Configuration - Download payments to the reps automatically

Other Topics

oasis.xml Variable Expansion - use data in OASIS to complete URLs and other items in the oasis.xml