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Checking for Updates to the OASIS Web Portal

To check if there are any updates for the OASIS web portal, open OASIS and log in as an administrative user. Go to the Configuration > Software section of OASIS, then go to "File" > Configure OASIS Version".

Once here, you should see a Web Portal tab. If there is not a tab for Web Portal, then you have not yet installed the license keys for the web portal. Please contact Ingen Software if you wish to purchase the web portal.

Click on the Web Portal tab, and it should show if there are any updates available for the web portal. You can click the button at the bottom to download a link to the current .war archive.

To install the update, do the following:

  • Download the .war file on the machine running Apache Tomcat.
  • While Apache Tomcat is running, delete the existing .war file under the tomcat/webapps directory.
  • Once you delete the existing .war file, tomcat will detect that you are uninstalling the archive and automatically delete the corresponding OASIS folder in tomcat/webapps.
    • If the OASIS folder does not automatically delete after 5 minutes, stop tomcat, then manually delete the OASIS folder, and restart tomcat
  • Copy or move the new .war file to the tomcat/webapps folder. After a few moments, it should create the new OASIS folder for you.
  • Log into your web portal to confirm the Version number matches the W### on the file name of the .war file you downloaded.