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Last modified on 5/22/2018 8:43 AM by User.


Missing Data on the Device after Syncing (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


Issue: I've gotten items to sync to the device, but I'm not seeing everything I think should be there.


  • The sync is reliant on the settings that it is given when adding the device. If you have set the timeframes too short, or if you have checked "My Transactions Only", you are likely only seeing a subset of the items on your OASIS database. This is not a bad thing, as it speeds up the sync process, but you may find yourself missing some transactions you expect to get. If so, you might try expanding those timeframes or unchecking the "My Transactions Only" checkbox under the Manage Devices screen in OASIS.
  • You may be only seeing certain items on the default search when tapping on an application in the OASIS app on the device. Try doing a wide-open search by tapping the "Find" button on the search fields section.
  • You can see what has synced to the mobile cloud server by checking the devices under "Configuration" > "Software" > "Manage Devices". Click on the device you want to review, and select the "Status" tab. The "Synced" tab here shows a history of what has been sent to the server; "In Queue" is the list of items left to sync up.

  • You can double-click on lines on this screen to dig into details of what was synced or what is queued up. Right click a detail line and select "Open Parent Transaction" to open the containing item in OASIS.

  • You can also audit individual items in OASIS by right clicking the transaction and selecting "Sync Status". This is available on Orders, Quotes, Customers, Manufacturers, Contacts, and Attachments.


  • If you are still missing an item, contact Ingen Software with an export of the item from the OASIS desktop client.