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Can I change or add specifiers…
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Last modified on 2/5/2015 4:19 PM by User.


Can I change or add specifiers on a quote? (OASIS for iOS)


  • Tap on "Follow-Ups"
  • Scroll to or search for the project you wish to change the specifiers for
  • Select the project by tapping on the search item
  • In the Follow-Ups Entry, scroll to the "Specifiers" section, then tap on "Edit Specifiers"
  • From here, you can edit an existing specifier by tapping on the related entry, or add a new specifier using the "Add Specifier" button in the bottom-right corner
  • Fill out the fields, then tap "Back" when you are done
  • Tap the "Save" option in the top-right corner to save your changes