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Find in Invoices
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Find in Invoices

Users have the ability to search for Invoices by choosing any combination of search criteria. Search criteria are sorted into specific categories such as: Basis, More and Search Keys



Field Search Criteria
Invoice # Invoice number. The asterisk may be used where parts of the invoice number are not known (e.g. 123*985 will match an invoice number 123BGM985)
PO# PO number the invoice is applied to.
ASO OASIS generated sales order number
MFG Order Manufacturer's order number (from shipping information recorded in OASIS).
Invoice Date Date of invoice - user editable
Payment Received If the invoice payment was recorded in OASIS, this is the date the payment was received.
Invoice Entry Date invoice was created in OASIS
PO Entry Date of order. User editable
Disputed Was the invoice disputed
Commissioned Find commissioned orders
Sell Find sell (customer) invoices
Buy Find buy (vendor) invoices
Manufacturer Manufacturer (s) to search for.
CSR CSR on the order as recorded in OASIS
Customer Customer for the invoice (customer and commissioned invoices only).
Account Sales account - typically an outside sales person assigned to the order.


Search Keys-

Users have the option of creating “search tags” that can store important job related information that is unique to your agency.  These unique keys can then be used to search for quotes.  LINK to Search Keys  In the example below,  the search key of project importance can be used to choose quotes that are either selected as “y” important or “n” not important.