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Introduction to Invoices
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Introduction to Invoices

Invoice Types

OASIS tracks commissioned invoices (for sales agencies) and resell invoices (for distributors and sales agencies):





Tracks manufacturer’s invoice to customer and used to estimate commission receipt


Vendor Invoice

Identifies what was shipped by the vendor and the cost of the items


Customer Invoice

Invoice created to bill the customer


Dual Billing Screen

Entry only screen for creating a vendor invoice and customer invoice at the same time


(The color used to identify the transaction type appears as the background of the screen.)


The biggest improvements for the new version of OASIS (2.7) are that the data available to make invoicing calculations is greater, allowing for better estimated profit and final billings (not to mention adjusting deposit invoices).

Another notable new feature for 2.7 is the invoice information is available on the order (assuming the line level details are recorded). This helps customer service work with customers and helps accounting mange complex billing cases.

Commissioned Invoice

Commissioned invoices are applied to existing commissioned orders and used to identify the value of the material that has shipped. Commission (and overage) is estimated from the lines identified on the order as “shipped” or as an average commission rate for the order (if a lot invoice is applied).

Vendor Invoice

Vendor invoices are applied to existing vendor orders in OASIS and used to identify the cost of the material that has shipped. Items and costs are used by the customer invoice in OASIS to bill the customer for the shipped material – but at the sell price. The sell price is auto calculated as a ration of the invoiced cost to the original vendor order cost. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that any accepted change in value from the vendor be recorded in the OASIS order (e.g. the vendor’s price does not match what is in OASIS).

Customer Invoice

Customer invoices identify the items and sell price being billed to the customer. The customer invoice may be created before or after the vendor invoice is created. Additionally, customer invoice entry may be for multiple vendor items.

Deposits are specialized customer invoices. However, OASIS separates the numbers as the deposit value is later withheld as the material ships (to help guard against overbilling).

Dual Billing Screen

The dual billing screen is new for OASIS 2.7 and has the benefit of simplifying the billing process. The assumption is that the vendor and customer invoices are created at the same time. From a business perspective, the concept is “bill as it ships”. The only limitation is that material from only one vendor may be billed at a time.