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Please contact OASIS support if setting a field to a value other than what is shown. Not following the recommendations could result in poor performance bad data or a generally bad day.

** If marked with the double asterisk - making a change without contacting support WILL LIKELY CAUSE YOU TO HAVE A VERY BAD DAY!

Fields without a recommendation may be set as needed and normally won't cause undesired consequences.

General Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Allow free form contacts (architects, engineers and other specifiers) If set, the specifiers on quotes and orders may be manually keyed. But if not checked, the specifiers must match a customer entry in OASIS (better for reporting). Not checked
Don't check customer sales, role and rank on save (To be removed)  
Force type fields to UPPER CASE Fixture type on quotes and orders is forced to upper case. Otherwise lower case characters are allowed in the fixture type Checked
Style phone numbers as (###)###-#### If checked, phone numbers are always changed to match the standardized pattern of (###) ###-####  
Disable preferences for all users except users with "OASIS Admin" access If set, users without "OASIS" application "admin" rights will not be able to change their preferences. Not checked
Manual commission splits If checked, users will be required to key sales accounts (workgroup default sales accounts are still used as a default). If not checked, the system will use the Sales User assigned to the customer to set sales account. The influence for the specifier is also removed (unless the check below is set).  
Manual commission splits - with specifier influences As above, but the influence is kept. This allows users to run weighted reports by specifier, but still have control over who gets credit for the sale.  
Enable SKU Lookup Activate the SKU lookup in OASIS. This is typically used by distributors to scan multiple price lists for an internal SKU which pulls the corresponding manufacturer and catalog number Not Checked **
Inactivate quotes and close orders when file code is set If set and a value is keyed into the file code on a project, then the project and related orders are closed (assuming all documentation for the project is being "boxed up"). If not set, adding a file code to the project just records the file code.  
Use File code as Quote Number Allows the file code to be used as the quote number when printing and searching for quotes Not Checked **
Enable 'Send All' when sending messages from OASIS If set, the button "Send All" is shown at the bottom of Send Message. Otherwise, users will be required to send one email at a time from Send Message.  
Markings on document (e.g. quote) are from the transaction workgroup - otherwise, from user's workgroup

If set, Workgroup information (e.g. business name and contact information) is from the workgroup assigned to the transaction. Otherwise the same information is copied from the user's workgroup.

Only auto apply exact matches (using OASIS identifiers) (To be removed)  
Show 'Finish' and 'Voltage' columns on quote and order forms If set, the indicated columns on the quote and order will print in the catalog number field of the quote or order. If not set, these values are internal notes and not printed.  
Use CO (care of) field in addresses if set, activate and print the care of field on orders. If not set, the field is not visible and not printed. Checked
Representative splits (agency splits) allow free form entries Rep version: if set, the "Agency Splits" on orders and quotes are allowed to be manually keyed. If not set, the out of territory rep must be setup in the Configuration -> Representatives application in OASIS  
Use price lookup "MFGBrand' to set the manufacturer If set and the information is available, the price list for a manufacturing conglomerate may be setup with all the catalog numbers and related brands. The user is then able to key the conglomerate name and catalog which results in OASIS setting the manufacturer brand and using the pricing information stored in OASIS for that brand. Not Checked
Sample kit default checkout period: X days When checking out a sample, the return date will be set to "X" days in the future. > 0
Price lookup default wait time: XXXX ms When searching for a price, OASIS will auto timeout after the specified milliseconds. This value is used to tune internet requests to slower servers when using Dynamic Pricing. 1000 **
Sample kit tag scanner trigger on X characters Adjust to allow a scanner to identify kit tags of non-standard length. **
Validate City/State/Zip Validate city, state an zip. If the validation is bad, these fields are turned yellow. If the validation matches, the text background is white. Will also perform zip forward / reverse lookup (e.g. keying the zip will pull the city state if the city and state fields are blank). These features are turned off if not set.  
Upper case city name on City/State lookup Force upper case if city or state are added through a validation lookup (e.g. user keys zip code and the city state fields are blank).  
Preload business entity views (customers/manufacturers) If set, customers will preload on the Customer section and manufacturers will preload on the Manufacturers section.  (Warning: May cause slowness when moving to these areas as the list populates with the information.) unchecked

Project and Quotes Tab


Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Expire bid board items X days after bid date X days after the bid date, the quotes will be removed from the bid board.  
Show projects application only (suppress quotes) The quotes application is hidden forcing users to create projects only. (Best for "spec agencies")
Show bid dates in project tabs Show the bid name and the bid date in the project bid tab.  
Days from bid date to expiration date: X Default the expiration date is X days after the bid date automatically.  
Default projects to "specified" (otherwise, default is non-specified) Set the "Specified" check automatically.  
Auto add contractor counts to selected 'winning' customer Add contractor counts to winning contractor automatically (if contractor does not already have counts).  
No auto follow-up on project status change Don't create a status change follow up when the quote status is changed manually or automatically.  
Project name duplicate scan When the project name is changed, the database is scanned for a match. (Can take time on busy database servers with out adequate hardware.)  
Copy customers on 'New Phase Like' Copy customers when creating a new phase from an existing phase.  
Copy customers during "new bid like" operations Copy customers when creating a new bid from an existing bid in the same phase.  
Don't close old bids on new bid like (WILL AFFECT CUSTOMER SUCCESS REPORTING) When creating a new bid in a phase, the old bids are automatically closed to keep reports accurate. Enabling this setting will allow bids to remain open (not closed) when new bids are created. However, many hit rate reports are affected. Not Checked.
Show net profit (less rep's commission and overage) in totals. (MFG Version only.) Show net profit (less rep's take of commission and overage). Otherwise gross profit is show - that is profit including rep's take. Checked.


Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Default customer price level When customers are added to a quote, the quote default price column they are assigned to is selected here. Sell Price
Adjust margin to include cost of overhead (in project header) Subtract out the overhead (as setup in the resell company) from the project profit. This will show net profit after overhead.  
OBase copies to Sell When a price is added to a quote, the OBase value is copied to the sell column fi the sell column is not already set.  
OBase copies to Level 3 When a price is added to a quote, the OBase value is copied to the Level 3 column fi the Level 3 column is not already set.  
Lock base and cost on resell lines Base and cost are set to the same value  
Unassigned money stops order entry Money not assigned on a quote (e.g. PROFIT and OVERAGE lines) normally stops the order entry process. Checked.
Importing: Base column is always landed cost. (Projects 1 only) (To be removed)  
Use customer specific pricing when winning customer is selected When a winning customer is selected on a quote, then new price updates pulling from the OASIS pricing database will be customer specific (if customer specific pricing is available).  


Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Create office copy when quoting customer When a customer is quoted, an office copy is also printed and stored in the quote attachments.  
Show component units (not extended quantities) When components are printed, the units are show. The customer must understand that the (included) items are per-kit quantities.  
Quote lamps (by default) Set the flag to quote lamps when adding a new customer to a quote  
Don't 'merge brands' on quote breakouts Normally manufacturers selected as "Merge Brands" (in the OASIS manufacturers application) are combined into the parent's brand when a breakout is printed from a quote. If this is selected, then the brands are shown on separate pages. Not Checked
Hide manufacturer for resell items When printing a breakout from a quote, the manufacturer ID on resell items is hidden to avoid confusion from the customer. Checked
Don't ask to become quoter when printing quote When someone other than the quoter prints a quote, they are asked if they would like to become the quoter.


Check "Draft Only" (quotes) Auto checks Draft only when printing from Projects and Quotes Checked.
CC assigned sales accounts when emailing customer quote When sending a customer copy of a quote using the OASIS Send Message feature (email), the users with "sales credit" on the project will receive a copy of the message.  
CC assigned customer sales person when emailing customer quote When sending a customer copy of a quote using the OASIS Send Message feature (email), the user assigned (Sales User) to the customer being sent the quote will also receive a copy of the message.  
Always show manufacturer freight terms - even with unassigned profit / overage If a PROFIT or OVERAGE line is on the quote, OASIS will not print manufacturer freight terms. This is because freight terms may change as the profit or overage is moved between manufacturers. Not Checked.
Quote multiple customers at once* If multiple customers are selected and the OASIS "Output Type" is not "Send Message", then the print is not allowed. This protects the user from creating a PDF with competitor quotes and sending the PDF to a customer. Not Checked **

* This is a dangerous setting! When set, quoters are able to print quotes for multiple customers at once. This is not an issue when manually carrying or faxing quotes. However, computerized fax solutions and E-Mail presents a problem as the quoter could accidentally send quotes for all customers to one person -- not good!

Orders Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Allow duplicate PO numbers - Warning is provided Normally, OASIS does not allow a duplicate PO number IF: the customer, manufacturer and the PO# is the same. Setting this flag will allow duplicate PO#s. Not Checked.
Resell orders default to Lot Billing Default resell orders to lot billing if set. Otherwise, unit prices will show when billing.  
Do not copy descriptions from quotes Disable the copy of descriptions from the quote when creating the order.  
Don't show unit prices on Lot Priced orders If the order has a lot line then no unit prices are printed for any item on the order.  
Only use resell forms on buy transactions Normally, resell orders for represented companies will show on the same form (that shows commissions and overage). Setting this flag will show the Purchase Order form (cost only - no commission and overage) for vendor buy orders.  
Buy PO number is editable Allow user to change the auto generated vendor order number in OASIS.  
Always default order print to office copy (To be removed.)  
Don't allow consolidation orders When set, resell order lines may be added to a consolidation order. That is multiple customer orders in OASIS ordering from a single vendor order.  
Blank quoter allowed Allow the quoter on the order to not be set.  
Enable enhanced duplicate PO# detection (To be removed) Not Checked **
Show manufacturer's part number on orders (when available) Use the price list to show the manufacturers part number under the catalog order when the order is printed.  
Prepare customer copy of order (Send Message) If set and sending an order to a manufacturer, the customer copy of the order is also created. This allows the user to send the manufacturer's copy of the order and then immediately follow with a customer copy to confirm the order with the customer.  
Blank quoter on PO forms (forms only) If set, the quoter is not shown on PO forms.  
Allow mixed case PO numbers Allow upper and lower case in the PO number Not Checked **
Require Ship-to City, State and Zip If set, the order may not be printed (or otherwise sent to the factory) if the shipping address is not completely filled out.  
Record Sales Account changes Any sales account change is recorded in the attachments of the order.  
Allow resell orders to create consigned picks This allows a resell order to be created to pull from an OASIS consigned warehouse. Not Checked.
New orders are X  By default, orders may begin in "hold status", "released status" or the system will ask the user.  
New resell orders are X By default, resell orders may be freight allowed or prepaid & add.  
Unacknowledged after X days and unscheduled after X days After X days, the order is listed as "Unscheduled" in the blue search bar and related reports in the orders section of OASIS. 2 days
Create reminder to check shipping X days after transmitting an order: Anytime an order is printed, the user is asked to create a reminder to help remind them to confirm the order with the factory and get shipping information X days later. Set to zero to turn off the feature.  
Subject: For the reminder above, the subject is set as defined here. The tag {ManufacturerName} is replaced with the actual manufacturer's name  
Message:  For the reminder above, the message is set as defined here. The tag {ManufacturerName} is replaced with the actual manufacturer's name  

Submittals Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
"Local Printer" resolution: X (To be removed)  
Min character "soft match": X When scanning for learned highlights, the system will acknowledge an approximate match if X characters on the left (start) of the catalog number match exactly.  
Show unmatched characters in smart highlights (To be removed)  

Shipments Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Confirm schedule dates X days before the scheduled ship date After X days without a schedule, the order is listed as "Unscheduled" in the blue search bar and related reports in the orders section of OASIS. NOTE: only one line on the order is required to trigger.  
No acknowledgements When checked, orders may be "scheduled" or "shipped" but not "acknowledged"  
Allow shipment data to be entered that does not match data tables SCAC codes, warehouse codes and other data may be free-formed  
Schedule is late if X days after target. When a schedule date is added to a line on an order, the target date is set for that line. If the line is then re-dated X days after the target date, the order has "missed the target date". This helps orders that are being re-dated a lot and only focuses on orders that have truly missed the ship date.  
Ship date is late if X days after target. The order is listed as "Missed Target" in the blue search bar and related reports in the orders section of OASIS if the schedule date on any line in the order is prior to "today".  
Shipment window X days - after which, orders are removed from shipment views (e.g. unshipped) Shipping information is ignored after X day from the entry date of the order.  
Project factories on shipping status reports When printing a project (or order) "shipping" status report, the manufacturer is hidden and the resell company name is show instead. (For resell orders only - does not apply to commissioned orders.)  

Invoices/Payments Tab


Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Show payment ID instead of Check Numbers Show the internal payment ID instead of the check number on Commissions For Account.  
Default review for new disputes: X Identify whether the quoter or the CSR on the order should be the initial reviewer if an invoice is disputed.  
Resell Invoice Numbers are editable (Great when reconciling using an external accounting package) Allow resell invoice numbers to be edited (for matching OASIS to an external invoicing system).  
Do not ask to create customer invoice when MFG invoice is applied When vendor only invoices are created, a popup is shown to create the customer side. This setting will disable the popup.  
Do not allow change orders on lines that have been invoiced Have OASIS not allow lines on orders with invoices to be changed - regardless of security rights.  
Don't ask for shipping details when creating invoices (To be removed)  
PO entry date is the invoice date when creating POs "on the fly" When creating commissioned orders from invoices, the PO entry date will be set to the invoice date.  
Invoice all remaining profit early (otherwise, prorate and invoice profit) PROFIT lines on the order will be billed in full on the first invoice - unless user adjusts the invoice.  
Invoiced as ordered (don't use the MFG invoice to show "Part of" items) (To be removed.)  
Don't warn if orders are over billed Allow orders to be over billed without warning.  
Don't show shipping details on resell invoices When printing resell invoices, don't show shipping information.  
Don't check costs against vendor POs (To be removed.)  
Show PO internal notes when invoice is created or shown Show the internal notes on the PO in a popup when the invoice is created or opened.  
Don't tax deposit invoices Please consult an accountant before using this during a fiscal year cutoff.  
Use old payment deductions (To be removed.)  
Paycheck: share freight, misc and restock profit (Future enhancement - can not be used.)  
Paycheck: cap earnings (can not earn more than margin on order). (Future enhancement - can not be used.)  


Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Quick Books: export tax lines. When an OASIS invoice is exported to Quick Books, the tax lines are sent as well  
Quick Books: export manufacturer product types When an OASIS invoice is exported to Quick Books, the "OASIS-Item" is replaced with "OASIS-ProductType" for the manufacturer of the item.  

Hardware Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
No Printer drivers Do not "discover" and list all printer drivers Checked
Automatically reconnect to server on network error (all workstations) If a network error happens, the system will automatically attempt to reconnect. Otherwise, OASIS will need to be restarted. Checked
Castelle FaxPress mail gateway: X (To be removed)  
Castelle Address Markups (To be removed)  
SMTP Direct (To be removed)  
Strip 'special' characters from FAX numbers (To be removed)  
Include a FAX cover page (when using Send FAX within OASIS) (To be removed)  
Shortcut base directory: X (To be removed)  

Web Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Customer order visibility: X days Set how many days after the Entry Date of the order when the order can no longer show in searches on the Web Portal. 365 (1 year)
Show Line Card Show the "Line Card" section of the Web Portal. Varies (likely Checked)
Show customer pricing on Web Show the "Pricing" section on the Web Portal. Varies (likely Checked)
Show Last Update Show the "Last Updated" section on the Web Portal. Varies (likely Checked)
Show Bid Board on Web Show the "Bid Board" section on the Web Portal. Varies (likely Checked)
Show user's previous comments (No longer applies)  
Allow contractors access (ignore distributor 'customer' settings) Allow contractors to log into the web portal and view their orders   

Please note: The OASIS web service must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Reports Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Pro-rate Lot and Overage values on Partial Release orders (To be removed)  
Payment summary (top down) "paid sales" adds invoice value and not 1/(comm %) (To be removed)  

Extra Tab

Setting / Field Purpose / Action Recommendation
Show inbox items in OASIS Tree (Attachments) Shows Inbox messages in the transaction tree on the left side of the attachments panel. This will cause slowness in using attachments, so it is recommended to leave this setting off. Not Checked
Always attach O2O Order Status documents to order (if found) - skip the download folder Will always skip when an order is found, rather than show in the folder. This is for users who monitor their orders closely and don't need to be notified if there is a problem in the order status download folder.  Not Checked
Attempt to apply invoices against EDI orders (WARNING: data may not always be correct) When enabled, invoices for EDI orders will still auto apply. Beware when using this setting, as you will likely run into scenarios where invoice lines apply to the wrong lines, causing incorrect values. Not Checked
Show Quotes 2 and Projects 2 (To be removed)  
Hide Old Quotes and Old Projects (To be removed)  
Show Calendar 2 (To be removed)  
Use new Taxes 2 Application and logic The original taxes logic in OASIS assigned a tax account to each customer. With Taxes 2, the old logic is still available, but tax accounts may also be setup to over-ride based on the ship to address and/or product information.