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My Order Summary Reporting (MOSR)

From the Home Screen - Reports


The “My Order Summary Report” was designed initially as a “quick” view of orders entered, still is. With just 2-3 clicks and user can see a summary view of orders entered by manufacturers in a month view format. The report can then be filtered quickly by many options and views.

Again with speed and simplicity in mind try the My Order Summary Report..

In the My Order Summary Reports window, click Update to get an idea of what the report looks like

Source – by default it selects “Bookings – (R/P/H)” – meaning all orders Released, Partial and Hold.

Use the drop down box to select other options.

Values – What are we looking for? Sales, earnings, commission, etc

Rows – default setting is “Manufacturer”, however other options are available

Columns – default setting is “Year” – other options are available.

After any changes, click the “Update button at upper left of the screen again.



Any item in blue in the header will filter the report further.


Click several items in blue, notice they will begin showing in the header area. Be careful with the order of the items that you filter by. For example, if you first group by the roles on an order then by a specifier, it will start with the roles grouping first and from there the specifiers will show per role. 

Once you have made your selections, click on “Update” at the top again and you should see the same report only filtered by your selections

Reporting individual transactions that make up the report.

Once you have the report needed, if you want to see a detailed report, click on the “Show Transactions” button in the header area to produce the report. Example below


Report Example