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Payments»Entering a Payment Batch
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Entering a Payment Batch

An OASIS batch is used to track bank deposits, providing another way to validate commission dollar values in OASIS. The idea is to reconcile payments and balance the invoice/payment dollar amounts against individual deposits resulting in more accurate accounting within OASIS. As payments are attached to the batch, the "difference" value approaches zero (when all the OASIS payments have been entered and match the deposit slip/batch entry).

Creating a New Batch

Note: For details on what each field is used for, here is a link to a detailed explanation of the Batch Editor.

To create a batch, go to the Payments section, then File > New > New Batch. Enter a code for the batch, a total of the checks being deposited, and any relevant notes. If there are any adjustments to be added, those can be done from the Adjustments tab. (Adjustments are other deposits or debits which would cause the total deposit not to match the sum of the OASIS payments with this batch code.) The batch can be saved and closed at this point.

Applying payments to the batch

Enter a commission check as you normally would, but select the batch code from the Batch drop down menu in the payment editor. This will link it to the batch.

As payments are applied to the batch and are posted, the batch entry will be updated to show posted dollars and the difference from the total. 

Once all payments are applied and the difference reaches zero, the batch can now be posted by checking the Post Batch check box.

After checking the Post Batch box, you will be prompted to confirm posting the batch.

Once the batch is posted, it cannot be unposted.