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OASIS Screens»User Editor
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User Editor

General Tab


Button / Field

Purpose / Action
(Internal User ID) (Shown as "BHOWARD" in the image.) This is the original ID for the user. If the user ID changes, internally, the old ID is retained. However, the new ID is used for login and is printed. (Coconut release or later)
User ID Current user ID. Used during login and when printing.
First Name User's first name
Middle Name User's middle name
Last Name User's last name
Initials User's initials. Printed on some reports as a short-hand.
CSR User may be marked as the CSR on orders
Quoter User may be marked as the Quoter on Quotes. (The percentage is used to give the quoter credit on orders automatically.)
Sales User may be assigned customers and sales credit on orders / quotes.
Email Reminders User reminders may be emailed. This is a manual process - see the Users application page.
Auto Acknowledge emailed reminders Used in conjunction with Email reminders. Good if outside sales person just needs the reminders but never actually logs into OASIS.
Workgroup ID The default workgroup assigned to all transactions created by the user.
Password May be blank as long as the OASIS web product is not utilized. If "No Password" is unchecked, the password is required on login.
No Password When checked, the password is not required on login.
Active User is active

The commission account to show on the order for this user. (Does not have to match the user's ID.)

Percent of Commission Only used on the Commissions for Account report. Sales person's take of the commissions earned on the order
Percent of Overage Only used on the Commissions for Account report. Sales person's take of the overage earned on the order
Percent of Margin Only used on the Commissions for Account report. Sales person's take of the profit earned on the order

Contact Information Tab

Button / Field

Purpose / Action
Line 1
Line 2
Home address
Kind Kind of phone number. "Email" for email address. "Phone" for phone number
Number The phone number or email

Security Tab

Security rights assigned to the user. See User Security Settings Details.

Workgroup Access Tab

Workgroups assigned to the user. Please note that it is not required to select any entries on this tab if the user has "view all" to transactions on the security tab (e.g. quotes, order, invoices, payments, etc). A selection here will result in a popup each time the user creates a transaction (e.g. quote or order).

Personnel Tab (not recommended)

Only a few users place any data in this tab. For privacy, we recommend not using this tab.


Notes about the user.

Covering Other Users

Show reminders assigned to other users when they are out of the office. Check the "Covering" box beside the name of the user to be covering.

Attachments Tab

Standard OASIS attachments tab.