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Last modified on 1/6/2016 9:16 AM by User.

Flash Shipping Conditions in Oasis

The Flash shipping condition can be made to auto select during the direct send process to Flash if the freight types in OASIS are renamed to be similar to the shipping conditions in Flash. OASIS will auto select the shipping condition based on the the matching text. 

Note: Editing the existing freight types will change the label on all instances where these were used in the past. Please consider adding all new freight types versus renaming existing ones.


Here is a list of the current Flash Shipping Conditions:

  • Standard
  • Pick up
  • Next Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air
  • Customer Arranged Fr
  • 3rd Day Air
  • Saturday Air

In the Orders section of OASIS, go to File > Configuration. Add the above shipping conditions to the list of freight types (or edit your equivalent existing entry to be more similar to these terms.) 

Note: Is important to not alter the settings and check boxes on these tabs unless you are sure of the change. Many of these settings directly control certain background processes in OASIS. 

Sending the Order to Flash

Create the order as you normally would, selecting the freight type on the General tab of the order.

Select the manufacturer copy print with the Send Direct option.

Review the order preview, then click Send Now.

The Flash order entry pop up will appear. The shipping condition should have auto selected based on the freight type of the General tab in OASIS.

Either "Submit" or "Save Only" as needed to send the order to Flash.