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Batch Reports
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Batch Reports

Batch Reports is a new report feature in OASIS.  It allows one or more saved OASIS reports to be selected, created, and e-mailed to chosen recipients.

The feature is located under Reports in the Worksheets menu.  The menu item name is "Batch Reports".

Selecting the menu option launches this screen.

By checking the My Reports Only box, this will limit the list of reports to yours only.


Reports defines the list of reports to create.
To choose the reports to include, click the Reports button.

There can be a large number of reports saved in OASIS.  Some may be older reports that are not supported by the Batch Report process.  Therefore, it may take some time for OASIS to create the list of available reports.  A progress bar indicates the status as the report list is created.  

Once complete, this window is used to select the reports to include.

On the bottom is a list of reports available to include.  Select the report(s) to include, then click Add or drag and drop the selected report(s) to move them to the list at the top.
To remove reports, select the report(s) in the list at the top.  
Then click Remove or drag and drop the selected report(s) to move them to the list at the bottom.

Once the reports are selected, click OK to save the selection.


Recipients defines the list of persons that should receive the reports.
To choose the recipients to include, click the Recipients button.

This window is used to select e-mail recipients.

Available Recipients
The bottom list is a list of recipients available in OASIS that are active OASIS users (with defined e-mail addresses).  Select the recipient(s) to include, then click Add or drag and drop the selected recipient(s) to move them to the list at the top.  By default, recipients will receive an e-mail as a primary recipient ("To").  Other available options are to designate that the recipient is receiving a carbon copy ("CC") or blind carbon copy ("BCC").
To remove recipients, select the recipient(s) in the list at the top.  
Then click Remove or drag and drop the selected recipient(s) to move them to the list at the bottom.

Additional Recipients
Additional e-mail recipients can also be added.

OASIS Contacts
Contacts defined in OASIS can also be added by clicking Add Contacts.  This will launch this window...
Use the add and remove buttons to create a list of OASIS contacts.  Once complete, click OK.  The contacts are then added to the Selected Recipients list.

Manually Entered
If reports should also be sent to recipients that are not defined within OASIS, their e-mail addresses can be entered manually.  Recipients can be e-mailed as either a primary recipient ("To"), a carbon copy recipient ("CC"), or a blind carbon copy recipient ("BCC").  More than one e-mail address can be included by placing a semicolon between each e-mail address.

Once the recipients are selected, click OK to save the selection.

Current Selection

The selections made in Reports and Recipients are displayed in the main window in the Current Selection section.  This provides a convenient way to see the settings for each option without having to open each option’s window.


Email begins the Batch Report process.  Each report chosen in Reports is generated and saved as a PDF file.  The PDF files are named based on the name of the saved report.  Once all the reports are generated, an e-mail is sent to each recipient chosen in Recipients. The e-mail contains an attachment for each report generated.

The subject of the e-mail is Batch Reports.

The body of the e-mail contains a list of the PDF file names that are attached to the email.
    Reports attached to this e-mail...

There are three options available to print the report.
From the File menu, choose E-Mail…

Use the E-Mail command button on the toolbar.

Use the E-Mail command button at the bottom of the window.

The e-mail is also saved as an attachment to the batch report.  Therefore, the batch report must be saved before processing can begin.  This dialog appears if the batch report is not saved...

See Save for more information about saving a batch report.

Report Generation
The progress of each report is displayed on the screen as each report is created.

Newer reports (such as the customizable reports) will show their progress within the window.

Older reports (such as a Top Down report) may have their report progress display in a separate window.

The final status of the process will be displayed here...


Batch reports must be saved before e-mailing reports.  The value used in the Report Title is used as the saved report’s name.  An existing batch report can be renamed by changing the value in the Report Title.   Duplicate naming is not allowed.
There are three options available to save the report.
From the File menu, choose Save

Use the Save command button on the toolbar.

Use the Save command button at the end of the Report Title.


Save As

A saved batch report can also be copied and saved as a new batch report using the Save As menu option.  The value used in the Report Title is used as the new saved report’s name.  Duplicate naming is not allowed.

The Save As options is available in the File menu.


Reset sets the batch report back to the original settings that are defined when the report is first opened.

To use Reset, click the command button on the toolbar.