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Followup Listing (OASIS for iO…
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Followup Listing (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Search Fields

  • Project - Search by Project Name
  • Quick Links
    • My Followups - Show only projects which I am assigned to a customer
    • Bid Board - Show items on the Bid Board
    • By Customer - Show my followed projects by Customer

Menu Items

  • New Project - Create a new project
  • Settings - Open the settings for the Follow-Ups application
  • Help Menu - Help and support options. Click here for more details.

Listing Actions

  • Add Attachment - Add a new attachment to the select project

Follow-Ups Listing by Customer

  • Customer Name - The name of the customer you are following
  • Project Count - The number of projects the customer is on where you are assigned to them