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Followup Entry (OASIS for iOS)
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Followup Entry (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Header Info and General Tab


  • Project and Phase Name - The name of the project and Phase
  • Filter Info - Button to change the followups filter. Also displays the current filter (e.g., All Customers, My Customers, or a specific customer)

General Tab: 

  • Followed-By - The current information on who is following the project, or which customers you are following. Tap to follow a customer or un-follow the project
  • General Info
    • Bid Name - The name of the current bid/quote
    • Quote Number - The quote number for this bid
    • Location - The location of this project (City, State)
    • Status - The status of this quote (e.g., new, Quoted, Order Pending)
    • CSR - The CSR assigned to the bid
    • Quoter - The Quoter assigned to the bid
    • Rank - Custom ranking of the project
    • Valuation - A dollar amount entered as a rough estimate of the value of the job
  • Totals - Total sell price for the filtered customer
  • Specifiers - Lists the specifiers on the project and their assigned roles
  • Dates
    • Bid Date - The quote's current bid date
    • Expires - The expiration date of the bid
    • Updated - The date the project was last updated on

Followups Tab

  • Add Followup/Add Button - Field to add followup notes for customers on the project
  • Followups Listing - A reverse-chronological listing of the followup notes entered for this project


  • Show/Hide Filters:
    • Money - Show/Hide the dollar values for the items
    • Internal - Show/Hide Internal information (e.g., Internal Notes, Overage/Profit lines)
    • Lamps/Comp - Show/Hide component, lamp, and accessory lines
  • Bill of Material - Grouped by options, this will list all the items with the following columns (from left to right):
    • QTY - Quantity for the item
    • Type - Type code for the item
    • Part Number and Manufacturer - The Part Number (Catalog Number) and manufacturer brand for the item
    • Item Sell Price and Extended Price - The unit price for the item, with the extended price below it (in gray)

Menu Items

  • Edit - Edit the project header info using the Followup Editor
  • Attachments - Opens the Attachments Panel for this project.
  • Help Menu - Help and support options. Click here for more details.