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Order Entry (OASIS for iOS)
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Order Entry (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

General Tab

  • General Info
    • Customer - The customer on the order
    • Manufacturer - The manufacturer for this order
    • Status - Current status of the order (e.g., (new), Shipped, Invoiced)
    • Release Status - The current release status of the order (e.g., Release, Partial, Hold)
    • CSR - The CSR assigned to the order
    • Quoter - The Quoter assigned to the order
    • End User PO - The end customer's PO number
  • Dates
    • Entry Date - The date the order was entered
    • Created - The date the order was created
    • Updated - The last date that the order was updated on
    • Transmitted - The last time the order was printed and send to the factory
  • Specifiers - 
  • Totals
    • Sell - Total sell price of the order
  • Shipping
    • Freight Type - Shipping method for the order
    • Allowance - The type of shipping charge currently assigned to this order (based off of the manufacturer's terms)
    • Freight Account - Shipping Account number for the customer 
    • Don't Ship Before - Date before which the order should not be sent
    • Required on Site - Date which the order is required to be on the job site
    • Ship All Items Together - Yes/No value if the items should be on one shipment

Notes/Addresses Tab

  • Sold To - Address for the sold to entity
  • Ship To - Address to ship the order to
  • Bill To - Address for the billing side of the order
  • External Notes - Any notes entered on the order for the customer/manufacturer
  • Remarks - Any remarks entered for the order
  • Internal Notes - Internal notes for the order

Bill of Material Tab

  • Show/Hide Filters
    • Money - Show/Hide the dollar values on the bill of material
    • Internal - Show/Hide any internal notes or profit lines on the order
    • Splits - Show/Hide factory items (splits)
  • Items and Splits (columns listed from left to right):
    • Shipping Icon - If the part has shipping info entered on it, this icon will appear listing the shipping type (ACK, SCHED, or ACT)
    • QTY ordered - The quantity ordered for this line
    • Type - The type code for the item
    • Part Number and Manufacturer - The Part Number and Manufacturer (Brand) for the item
    • Item Sell Price & Extended price - Unit Price and Extended Price (listed in grey below unit price) for the item

Part Details Dialog

  • QTY Ordered - The quantity ordered for this item
  • QTY Released - The quantity released by the factory
  • Type - The type code for this item
  • Manufacturer - The manufacturer brand for this part
  • Part Number - The Part Number (or Catalog Number) for this item
  • Description - The full description of the part
  • Sell - Unit Price of the item
  • Extended Sell - Total price for all items of this type code
  • Shipment Details
    • QTY Shipped - Number of items shipped by the factory
    • SO Number - SO Number for the manufacturer's order
    • Date Shipped - Date the items were shipped by the carrier
    • Warehouse - Warehouse from which the items were shipped from
    • Carrier - The Shipping Carrier for this item
    • Tracking - Tracking (PRO) number for the shipment
    • Estimated On Site - Date on which the shipment is expected to be at the destination site

Menu Items

  • Attachments - Opens the Attachments Panel for this order
  • Help Menu - Help and support options. Click here for more details.