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Sample Entry (OASIS for iOS)
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Sample Entry (OASIS for iOS)

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Header Info

  • Part Number - The part number of the sample
  • Manufacturer ID - The manufacturer for this part
  • TAG - The Kit ID or "TAG" of the sample
  • Photo - Tap to change or view the picture of the sample


  • Availability - Shows the user who has checked out the sample and when it is due back. Tap to check in/check out the sample if it is available. 
  • Show Sample to Customer - Tap to enter customer feedback on the sample (if checked out by you)
  • History Listing - Shows checkout history and customer comments in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top)

Showing Samples Dialog

  • Customer - The customer and contact you showed the sample to
  • Comments - Any comments the customer may have about the sample

Check-In/Check-Out Dialog

  • Condition - The condition the sample is in when you check it out / return it.
  • Checkout Date / Return Date - The date on which this action occurred (usually today's date)