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Reminders Listing (OASIS for i…
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Reminders Listing (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Search Fields

  • Description - Search by the title of the reminder
  • Quick Links
    • Today - Show today's reminders
    • Unacknowledged - Show only reminders that have not yet been marked as "Acknowledged"
    • Acknowledged - Show only reminders that have been marked as "Acknowledged"

Menu Items

  • New Reminder - Create a new reminder
  • Help Menu - Help and Support options. Click here for more details.

Listing Actions

  • While the reminders do not have actions that can be done on the listing, Acknowledged reminders will show in washed out text. Reminders also show in the listing in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).