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Customer Listing (OASIS for iO…
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Customer Listing (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Search Fields

  • Name - Search by the Customer Name
  • Quick Links
    • Customer Roles - Search by the Customer Type/Role. Options are as follows:
      • Distributor
      • Contractor
      • Architect
      • Engineer
    • My Customers - Show only customers assigned to you

Menu Items

  • New Customer - Create a new Customer
  • Toggle Map/Listing - On iPhone/iPad, toggles the view between the map and the listing
  • Help Menu - Help options for support. See this help doc for details.

Listing Actions

  • Map - Open the customer address in your maps application
  • Call - Call the customer
  • Add Attachment - Add an attachment to the customer

Map Actions