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Common Features and Options (O…
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Common Features and Options (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


Many of the screens in the app have similar or common features. This help document covers some of the basics of using the application from a broad perspective.

Home Screen

The home screen is the landing page for the app. Here you can select the sub-application you wish to access, or change some of the settings for the app. Each sub-application can have a notification count next to the right of the icon. This icon may indicate an action you have to take, or that the application has relevant data for you.


Every screen on the app has a menu button. This button varies for the iPad: three-dots for listings () or three-bars for entries/views (). Each menu will have actions you can take for the screen, as well as the help options available.


Listings are mostly the same across all sub-applications.

If additional actions are available, an activity indicator icon () will be next to the row. You can tap on it to reveal additional options.

Entries / Views

All entries will be different, but they have some common features. Every entry will have a menu button with a list of options available. Tap the button to expand the menu. For more details on the different features for entries, see the related help documents or tap the "Help" button from the menu on the screen you wish to know more about.


Editing items in the iOS app is simple. If an item is editable, it will have an option under the menu button for "Edit".

Tapping on Edit will open the Editor. The Editors are very similar across the app. Change or fill out the items you wish to save, then tap "Save" in the top-right corner.


Attachments are featured on nearly every item in the iOS app. To view the attachments, tap the button in the menu. For more details on using attachments, see this help document covering the Attachments Panel.