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Contact Entry (OASIS for iOS) (No longer supported)

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Header Info

  • Name
  • Company - Tap on this to open the customer or manufacturer entry associated with this contact
  • Photo - Tap here to take a photo or attach an existing photo to this contact

General Tab

  • Phone - Tap to call
  • Email - Tap to open a new email message addressed to this contact
  • Address - Tap to open this location in Maps
  • Notes - Internal notes on this contact

History Tab

  • Add Note - Type here and tap "Add" to add a note to the contact
  • Notes Listing - Here is a list in reverse chronological order of all the notes entered for this contact, as well as any attachments they are tied to on other transactions
  • Showing Through... - The date from which the attachments are pulling on the current list
  • Show More - Tap here to pull more attachments and notes from earlier timeframes

Menu Items


  • Edit - Tap to open the Contact Editor
  • Attachments - Tap to open the Attachments Panel for this contact
  • Help Menu - All the help options are detailed in this help document