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Contact Listing (OASIS for iOS…
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Contact Listing (OASIS for iOS) (No longer supported)

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Search Fields

  • First - Search by first name
  • Last - Search by last name
  • Company - Search by the customer or manufacturer name assigned to the contact
  • Phone - Search by the contact's phone number
  • Quick Links
    • Show All - Show all contacts
    • Customer - Show only Customer contacts
    • Manufacturer - Show only Manufacturer contacts

Listing Actions

  • Email - Send an email to the contact's primary email address
  • Call - Initiate a call to the contact's phone number (only on iPhone)
  • Get Directions - Open up the map application of your choosing with the contact's address filled out
  • Add Attachment - Add an attachment to the contact

Menu Items

  • New Contact - Create a new contact
  • Sync Contacts - Export contacts from OASIS to your device's address book
  • Help menu (Help/Open Ticket/Send Logs)