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Sync Center (OASIS for iOS)
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Last modified on 4/17/2015 12:57 PM by User.


Sync Center (OASIS for iOS)

The Sync Center allows you to manage the processing of data between your device and the cloud sync server. From here, you can start or stop the sync process, as well as view diagnostic information about the sync history.

Controlling the Sync Process

Normally the sync process will check every 30 seconds to see if there are any items available on the server for you to receive. Occasionally, you may need to force it to try a sync. You can press the related button to start, stop, and restart the sync service. 

In addition, you can disable the sync process altogether by tapping the "Disable Sync" setting. This will prevent OASIS from trying to sync at all; however, it will still validate with our server to make sure that no devices are in use that are no longer authorized.

Finally, for those who wish for the sync to be allowed over cell connections, you can disable the "Sync over WiFi only" setting. This will let the sync process when connected to LTE/4G bands. Keep in mind, this will consume carrier data allocations, so only enable this if you are not worried about data charges.

Viewing Sync History and Issues

Every sync is recorded for diagnostic purposes. You can view these history records by tapping on the "Sync History" item.

Tapping on an individual sync record will let you see details about the sync; what times it ran for, how many transactions were applied, as well as a Transaction Per Minute count.

When the sync is experiencing issues, you will see the "Sync Issues' section light up in yellow. This indicates that there are ongoing issues with your current sync cycle that can be addressed. You can tap on the item to view details, as well as possible resolutions. These issues can range from when the sync is not able to connect, or when you are not receiving any transactions due to other unexpected issues. Not all issues are recorded here, only the common ones, so if you are still having a problem, you may want to send your sync diagnostic information to our support team for further research.

Sending Sync Diagnostics

When requested, you may have to send Sync Diagnostics for isolating issues with the sync service. From the main screen of the Sync Center, tap the "Share" icon in the top right-hand corner.

This will select the logs necessary, as well as the sync information, and package it up to send to our support team.