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Application Overview (OASIS for iOS)

(No longer supported)


OASIS for iOS is both a companion to OASIS for PC and Mac, as well as a standalone piece for those looking for mobile contact management and project followups. OASIS for iOS is designed to be "synced" with your current OASIS database that you use for OASIS on desktop machines. The OASIS iOS app is great for empowering your outside salespeople with the information they need to make the sale, but can be used for additional functions outside of this. 

When you first set up the app, you will be greeted with a question: sync the app with an existing OASIS database, or set it up as a standalone app. When syncing with OASIS for desktop, you will be setting up devices via your normal OASIS client; however, the data will be handled via our mobile cloud server by uploading the transactions from your OASIS client, up to our server, then back down to your device. This allows the data to be continuously updated to the cloud, and readily available to your mobile devices at any time. For more details on the sync technology, see our help document covering adding devices and configuring sync.

The features for the iOS app are a selection of items from our desktop application, as well as unique new features added for the mobile devices. Here are just a few items of what you can expect from the mobile app:

  • View and edit contact information for Customers, Manufacturers, and Contacts.
  • Add new contacts, create notes, or view contact history items (such as followups or attachments)
  • Full attachment support (view, create, and edit attachments)
  • View orders, contact CSRs, and view shipment updates and tracking.
  • Check out samples by searching or scanning a barcode
  • Location awareness for followups and sample tracking
  • View quote information
  • View project followups; add new customers as well as add followup notes to a job. 
  • View basic bill of material information on a quote; filter to a customer to see their counts (also allows toggles for internal information and sell amounts)
  • Add or view reminders
  • Push notifications for reminders, samples due back, followed jobs bidding, and sync status

For a full list of features and differences between different OASIS products, see our Table of Features.