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Entering an invoice / Creating…
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Entering an invoice / Creating a matching PO

Entering Invoices where there is no PO in the system

Creating a matching PO in the system

(EDI orders, out of territory po’s, mfg’s who send check only, spec orders unknown until receive check, etc)

See the Important Notes section at the bottom of this document


Many times you receive invoices or commission statements from the factories and find there is no Order in OASIS matching this number. EDI orders (those sent directly to the factory from the distributor) are a good example but there are other cases as well. OASIS allows you to enter the invoice and create a matching order at the same time. This allows you to get a true picture of your business and allows true commission/invoice reconciliation.

 To create:

 Go to Invoices:

-          Create New Invoice by clicking the New button on the toolbar or File then New.

-          Select “New Commissioned Invoice”

Select the Manufacturer by clicking the   button. Or begin typing the name.

Then enter the PO Number.

Click the Tab key (nothing will happen)

Then go to Tools, select “Create Matching PO” (or F3)

The Select Customer window appears – Select the Customer.

The window will appear to select if this is an Invoice or Credit

Select Invoice

 The Invoice screen appears

Note the Yellow icon will remain until the invoice is saved or printed

A Green release button will show after invoice is saved/printed

**Enter the Invoice Number.

**Enter the Invoice Date if not today

Enter the Project or Job Name (if needed) optional.

**Entry Date – Order (right) – set the actual Entry Date of the order for reporting purposes.

Enter any shipping information as needed (brown line)

**A default line will be entered with a Qty of 1 and “Material” in the Part column, you can make any changes as needed.

Add additional lines if needed (Add Item)

**NOTE - These line items will also appear on the matching PO that OASIS creates for you (except for Tax, Freight, etc)

On the Addresses tab – enter the “Ship To” address if different than the default address. Then select the Commission account (Required)

Optional - Enter dispute if necessary

In the Notes tab – enter any Notes for this Invoice (Notes will appear on the Invoice/Matching PO below the line items)

Save & Close or Print

Then you’re done!

Note - The matching PO has already been created by OASIS and should appear in the list of orders


Important Notes

**these items are the minimum required are most important when using this process

 If there are other invoices to be applied to this order in the future, remember these facts

-          Adding additional lines to any invoice will also add the line(s) to the Order

-          The results will cause line item changes on the Order