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Last modified on 5/28/2015 7:25 AM by User.

Adding a new status for Quotes/Projects

Sometimes the default quote status options that are in OASIS just aren't enough or you are looking for another way to track particular things with the projects/quotes. This article will show you how to modify and change the status drop down menu.

We would like for you to consider a few things first that could save a lot of time and headache later.

  • Any changes to the status field WILL affect your reports in OASIS.
  • DO NOT make changes to the existing status list, especially if you are currently using the status. Making the change will automatically change the status for everything in the database that was selected as that status, past and present.
  • If you are looking for a way to report on certain projects, please consider a search key
  • If you are unsure of what is a best fit for your need, please call our Customer Support for assistance

From either the Projects or Quotes section of OASIS, go to the File menu and click on Configuration. Click on the Quote Status tab:

 WARNING!!!   It is not recommended to modify the entries with the ID from 0 to 8.  Doing so could result in disassociated data or unexpected status changes.

On the line with the ID of 10 (see screen shot above) type in the name of the status that you wish to add to the list.

Advanced Setup

This window also controls certain event triggers related to quote status changes. These typically should not be altered. Most columns should only have one check box marked to indicate what status to change to on that event. The default settings are shown in the screen shot above. For example, when the job is quoted you are prompted to change the status to Quoted. When a submittal is printed, you are prompted to change the project status to submitted. 

The two columns that are different are Inactive and As Order. Inactive shows which statuses mark the quote as inactive, typically just Abandoned, Lost, and Closed. The As Order column is for reporting purposes. It indicates which statuses should be reported as if they are ordered. Typically, just Order Pending and Ordered are included in this. (Quotes that are using those two statuses will include any Win Option codes in their report totals.)