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Last modified on 3/15/2019 12:50 PM by User.

OASIS Cloud Backup/Sync Batch Job

This method is now deprecated and no longer works.


For this batch job to automatically run, the OASIS batch service must be installed on the server. See this document for more information: Setting up the Oasis Batch Service


This batch job is intended for use with groups who have a cloud backup or cloud sync through Ingen Software.There are a few scenarios where this can be used:

  • If a synced database is not accessed as often as the main database (which would prevent the sync database from having current data)
  • Where (for performance reasons) it would be better to have the server handle all sync activities (ie. VPN)

The cloud backup/sync typically depends on a pool of users being logged in. As long as a user is logged in, their session will handle syncing database changes up to the cloud server. If multiple users are logged in, the sync process picks a random person from the pool of users and their session handles a sync cycle in the background. 

If users log into the sync database through a VPN, the sync can slow down the user's connection and cause the sync to take a very long time to complete. This can also prevent the sync from ever catching up. With a cloud sync database over a VPN, it is best to disable that workstation from handling sync cycles. (See the bottom of this document for more information.)

This process will create a Windows service that will handle sync cycles from the OASIS server. Depending on certain Windows security settings, you may need to run OASIS as an administrator. Hold down the Shift key and right click the OASIS icon and select Run as Administrator. Log in normally from there.

Go to Configuration > Software. 

Click on Tools > Create Cloud Batch Job

You will be prompted to confirm creation of the batch job. Click Yes.

You will receive confirmation that the job was created.

You can now view the batch job status under the Tools > Batch Jobs menu under Configuration > Software.

At this point, by default the sync service will run every 10 minutes as long as the OASIS batch service prerequisite is running. The job will check for a send/receive queue and run if needed. The service may run for up to 30 minutes per cycle as needed.

See also: Disabling specific remote workstations from handling sync cycles