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OASIS Screens»Users Buttons
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Users Buttons


Toolbar Buttons


Button / Field Purpose / Action
   New Creates a new User in OASIS
   Open Opens the selected User 
   Find Displays or hides the blue sidebar with Find, Lists, Filter and Active
   Help Opens the main screen for the OASIS Users Help Document





Button / Field Purpose / Action
New Creates a new user in OASIS
New Like Creates a new user in OASIS, with the same security rights as the user you have highlighted in the users listing
Copy User Settings Allows you to copy settings from a user account and apply it to the selected user in the user listing.
Open Opens the selected user
Export Export the selected user account
Refresh Refreshes the user listing screen of OASIS
Delete Deletes the selected user account (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Preferences Opens the Preferences editor
Close Closes OASIS



Button / Field Purpose / Action
Copy Copy the text displayed in the columns shown in the User Listing


Button / Field Purpose / Action
Email Reminders  
Show Active Sessions Shows users who are currently logged into OASIS