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OASIS Screens»Tax Accounts Buttons
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Tax Accounts Buttons

Buttons Purpose
Creates a new tax account
Open selected tax account
Show or hide the search/task bar
Direct link to help documents 

Search Menu

Field Purpose
Show all Show all tax accounts
Active Only When checked, only active tax accounts will appear in search

File (Buttons)

Buttons Purpose
Creates a new tax account
Opens the selected Tax Account
Exports the selected Tax Account (requires OASIS Admin)
Refreshes the Tax Account screen
Deletes the Tax Account selected (contact Ingen Software before deleting)
Allows an user to modify the columns shown on the Tax Account screen
Closes Oasis

Tax Account Editor

Fields/Buttons Purpose
Account: Name of the account
Description: Description to identify the tax account
Crossover Account: Used to track accounts in account type software
Active If checked, it allows the tax account to be used
Standard Percentage Rate of tax stated as a percentage
Tax Freight If checked, the tax will be applied to freight