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OASIS Screens»Submittals Overview
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Submittals Overview

Submittals Application

Toolbar Buttons

Button Purpose / Action
 New Creates a new submittal
 Open Opens the selected submittal
 Find Find submittals
 Print Print the selected submittal
 Search Bar Toggles the search bar 
 Help Opens the Submittals help documents



Menu Item Purpose / Action
New > New Submittal Set Creates a new submittal set
New > New Submittal Like Creates a duplicate of the selected submittal
Open Opens the selected submittal set
Find Opens the submittals Find feature
Export Exports the selected submittal in .oasisz format
Delete Deletes the selected submittal. (Use care. This cannot be undone.)
Refresh Refreshes the submittal listing
Open Catalog Detaches the Cut Sheets application, opening it in a separate window
Print Prints the selected submittal
Print Quick Report Prints a listing of submittals based on current column preferences
Preferences Opens the Submittals Listing preferences
Close Closes Oasis


Menu Item Purpose / Action
Copy This has no current function
Paste This has no current function


Menu Item Purpose / Action
Update Subscriptions Download new and updated cut sheets published by Ingen Software. Not all manufacturers are available.
Setup Subscriptions Map user manufacturer codes to subscriptions published by Ingen Software.



Preference (Display) Definition
Description  Displays the description a user has entered in the submittal
Submittall ID Displays the ID assigned to a particular submittal
Notes Displays any notes entered in the notes section on a submittal
Submittal lFooter Displays the submittal footer
Front and Back

Indicates whether the submittal has a front and back or not

Territory ID  Displays the territory ID for a particular submittal
Create User ID Displays the ID of the creator of the submittal
Create Date Displays the date that the submittal was created
Update User ID Displays the ID of the last user who updated a particular submittal
Update User Date Displays the date that a particular submittal was updated
Bid Date Displays the bid date
DBID Displays the database ID
Location Displays the location (if entered in the submittal)
Location State Displays the location State (if entered in the submittal)
PO Number If created from an order, then it will display a PO number
Project Displays the project name (if entered in the submittal)
Quote Number If created from a quote, then it will diplays the quote number
RA Date Displays the RA Date (if entered in the submittal)
Remarks Displays the remarks(if entered in the submittal)

Submitted On 

Displays the submitted on date
Submitted By Displays the user that submitted the document 

Blue Bar


Enter the specific submittal name to search for all related by that name. 

Day Views: 

Today: Displays all of the submittals that have either been created or updated within the current 24 hour period
2 Days: Displays all of the submittals that have either been created or updated within the current 48 hour period
7 Days: Displays all of the submittals that have either been created or update within the last seven days

Enables you to choose the number of days you would like to search by 




If you are looking for more specific search, choose the blue "Find" text. This pop-up will appear. Enter any or all of the information in these fields, select OK, and then it will display your search in the listing area.