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OASIS Screens»Quotes Buttons
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Quotes Buttons

OASIS supports both projects and quotes. A project is designed to handle several related jobs together such as jobs that occur at the same place or involve the same national account .  Projects contains the most tools and is more sophisticated.  Quotes was meant to handle less complex jobs and a small one or two item quotes to a particular customer.

Toolbar Buttons

Button Purpose
This will create a new quote/project
This will create a new daily quote
Opens selected quote
Find quotes (when clicked opens filter options)
Shows or hides the search/task bar
Direct link to help documentation


File (Buttons)


Buttons Purpose
Creates new quote, new quote like, or new submittal
Opens the selected quote
(done by Admin) Exports the selected quote
Searches through quotes using the selected filters
(found within the Admin Button) Deletes selected quotes
Refreshes the Quotes screen
This will create a quick print of all the quotes shown on the Quotes screen
Configures: roles, influence, quote status,competition, proj ranks,vertical, finishes,voltages,spec status and send message
Configure view of Quotes screen, allows user to select columns shown and the sort order
Closes Oasis




Field Purpose
Role Name of the customer role
Description Describes the role 
Required When checked, will require this field to be filled out on any quote
DirectCustomer Specifies that the customer is a direct customer
IndirectCustomer Specifies that the customer is an indirect customer



Quote Status
Proj Ranks



Spec Status
Send Message

Search Menu


Field Purpose
Find This button will find all quotes in the criteria set below
Project: This can be used to find a specific project/quotes
Day Views This will show you all quotes from the selected amount of days
Days: Allows you to choose the amount of days you wish to filter
My Projects Only When checked, only projects you created will show
Status: Allows the user to filter by status: quoted, order pending, lost, etc. 
Bid Board Allows user to filter bids by their bids, workgroup bids, and all bids