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OASIS Screens»Samples Buttons
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Samples Buttons

Toolbar buttons

Button Purpose / Action
 Add Creates a new sample receipt
 Schedule Schedules an item for checkout
 Open Opens the selected item
 Search Opens the Find Samples dialog
 Print Prints the currently displayed samples listing
 Show Search Toggles the search bar
 Help Displays the Samples Help Document

Add Sample


Button Purpose / Action
Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturer
Shows the list of manufacturers
Part Number: The part number
Description: Area you can put the description
Project Sample Marks sample as a Project Sample
Condition: The condition of the sample
Kit Number: The unique kit number assigned to the sample when it is saved
Workgroup: The workgroup that the sample is associated with

Schedule an item for checkout


Button Purpose / Action
Title: The name of the Sample
Starting: The time the sample is to be checked out
Ending: The time the sample is to be returned






Menu Item Purpose / Action
New > New Sample Order Creates a new sample order for a specified manufacturer/customer
New > New Sample Receipt Creates a receipt for a sample to be added to the Samples section
New > Catalog Creates an entry for an available catalog
Open Opens the selected sample entry
Find Launches the search menu
Admin > Edit Using admin rights, allows a user to edit an existing sample
Admin > Delete Allows an admin to delete a sample entry
Refresh Refreshes the samples listing
Print Prints a list of samples based on what is displayed in the Samples listing
Check out/in Launches the check in/check out window for the selected sample
Schedule Schedules a sample for checkout
Preferences Launches the preferences menu for the Samples section
Close Closes OASIS


Menu Item Purpose / Action
Copy No current function


Menu Item Purpose / Action
Full Screen Launches the full screen kiosk version of OASIS Samples


Menu Item Purpose / Action
Print Labels Prints bar-code labels for the selected samples
Kit History Prints a report of check out/check in history for the selected sample
Sample History Summary Shows a summary of sample activity based on user, manufacturer, or customer
Late Checkouts Shows a report of samples that have not been marked as checked in by their expected return date


Standard OASIS help menu

Search bar

Button / Field Purpose / Action
Find Launches the Samples search window
Item Searches based on a specified item number
Overview Quick filter to show all items checked out by the user logged in
Checked Out Quick filter to show all checked out items
Available Quick filter for all available items (catalogs and samples)
Scheduled Items Quick filter to show items that are scheduled to be checked out
Samples Quick filter to show all available samples
Catalogs Quick filter to show all available catalogs
Me Only Toggles the search to include only samples related to the current user logged in
Active Only Toggles the search to include active samples only
WG Filters the search based on workgroup