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OASIS Screens»Price Lookup Buttons
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Price Lookup Buttons





Button/Field Purpose/Action
New Item Creates new price
New Item Like Creates new price like

New Item

Button/Field Description
Part Number The number for the new part
Description Description of the part
Ok Save changes to the new part
Cancel Cancel the new part

Field/Button Description
Park Quantity Selects the measurement of the part (i.e. Case, Feet, Pounds, Piece, Pair)
Unit Weight The weight of the new part
Standard Carton  
Stock The available stock of the item
Carton Height The height of the packaging
Carton Width The width of the packaging
Carton Length The length of the packaging
Freight Class The class the item will be shipped as

Field/Button Description
Unit Quantity In Hundreds, Each, or Thousands
Cost The cost per Unit Quantity
Book The base price abd commission for the part
Price Lev... The secondary price and commission
Substitution Notes

Description to be added.

Options and Adders

Description to be added.

Edit Item

Edit existing price for item.


Closes Oasis.




Button/Field Purpose/Action
Configurator Show user configurator
History Show history for selected item
Stock Show current inventory (stock) status at manufacturer (if configured)


Item Location Report

Opens the Item Location Report Print dialogue box. This shows what Orders the chosen part has been included in.

Button/Field Purpose/Action
Output to: Changes the print output
Manufacturer: Select a different manufacturer
Part: Key in a different part
Print Prints the chosen parameters
Cancel Closes the dialogue box

Product Sales Report

Opens the Product Sales Report dialogue box.


Button/Field Purpose
Output to: Change the print output
Title Set the title of the report
Entry Date: From Set the earliest time to search
Entry Date: To Set the latest time to search
Part Select a part
Manufacturer Add or Remove manufacturer
Customer Add or Remove or customer
Ok Save changes and run report
Cancel Cancel changes and close the dialogue box


Button/Field Purpose
Not used Do not group results
Project Name Group results by Project Name
Manufacturer Group results by Manufacturer
Customer Group results by Customer



Button/Field Purpose
PO# Search by PO#
Project Search by project name
ASO Search by ASO
MFG SO# Search by MFG SO #
RMA# Search by RMA#
End User PO# Search by End User PO#
Release Status Choose the release status of the PO
Timeframe Select or type a relative date
Status Remove or add status of PO
Freight type Remove or add freight type
Commissioned Filter by Commissioned
Sell Filter by Sell
Buy Filter by Buy
Consolidation Filter by Consolidation
Cancelled Filter by Cancelled
Not Cancelled Filter by Not Cancelled
RMARequested Filter by RMARequested
Has RMA Response Filter by whether it has an RMA Response
Invoiceable Filter by invoiceable
OverInvoiced Filter by Over Invoiced
Has Pick Filter by Pick


Button/Field Purpose
Part Number Search by part number
Fixture Type Search by fixture type
Quote Number Search by quote number
MFGQuote Search by Manufacturer quote number
Invoice Number Search by invoice number
File Code Search by File Code
Create Date Search by create date
Update Date Search by update date
Released Date Search by released date
Schedule Date Search by schedule date
Ship Date Search by ship date
Shipment Updated Search by when shipment was updated
Problem Filter by Problem
ResolvedProblem Filter by Resolved Problem
Transmitted Filter by Transmitted
Not Transmitted Filter by not transmitted
Spec. Registration Filter by Spec. Registration
Daily Quote Filter by daily quote
(Simple) Quote Filter by simple quote
Project Bid Filter by project bid
Backlog Filter by backlog


Button/Field Purpose
Min Sale Search by minimum sale amount
Max Sale Search by maximum sale amount
Min Comm Search by minimum commission amount
Max Comm Search by maximum commission amount
Min Overage Search by minimum overage amount
Max Overage Search by maximum overage amount
Min Profit Search by minimum profit amount
Max Profit Search by maximum profit amount
No commission Filter by no commission
No overage Filter by no overage
No markup Filter by no markup
Invoice Date Filter by invoice date
Payment Received Filter by payment received
HasInvoice Filter by invoice
NoInvoice Filter by no invoice
Disputed Filter by disputed
Resolved Dispute Filter by resolved dispute
HasBillable Filter by billable
Active Project Billing Filter by active project billing


Button/Field Purpose
Sales Account Add or remove sales account
Quoter Add or remove quoter
CSR Add or remove CSR
CreateUser Add or remove the user who created
UpdateUser Add or remove a user that updated
Order Type Add or remove order type
Workgroup Add or remove workgroup
ResellCompany Add or remove a resell company
Locked Filter by locked


Button/Field Purpose
Manufacturer Add or remove a manufacturer
Customer Add or remove a customer
Parent Manufacturer Add or remove a parent manufacturer
Parent Customer Add or remove a parent customer
Representative Add or remove a representative
RepresentativeWithCredit Add or remove a representative with credit
Representative Credit Filter by representative's credit
Has Spec Splits Fitler by spec splits
Customer Assigned To Add or remove a customer assigned to
Specifier Assigned To Add or remove a specifier assigned to


Button/Field Purpose
Specifiers Search by specifiers
Influences Search by influences
Role Search by role
Specifier Search by specifier
Customer Assigned Sales Search by a customer assigned to sales
Quote Assigned Sales Search by quote assigned to sales
HasSpecifier Filter by has specifier
NoSpecifier Filter by no specifier



Button/Field Purpose
ShipName Search by ship name
ShipLine Search by ship line
ShipCity Search by ship city
ShipState Search by ship state
ShipZip Search by ship zip code
SCAC Search by SCAC
Tracking Search by tracking number


Button/Field Purpose
Notes Search by notes
InternalNotes Search by internal notes


Button/Field Purpose
AttDescription Search by attachment description
AttNote Search by attachment note
AttColor Filter by attachment color
AttCategory Filter by attachment category

Search Keys

Button/Field Purpose
Credit Terms Search by credit terms
Get Independent Ship Quote Choose yes or no for independent ship quote
MFG Paid Filter on whether or not the MFG was paid
MnSTest Search by MnS Test
Old style ToDo
Project Mgr Search by project mgr
Not Specified boxes You may choose not to specify any of the search options

Price Sheets

Button/Field Purpose
Report Title Change the title for the report
Output to Change the output file type
Manufacturer Add or remove a manufacturer
Customers Add or remove customers
Print items configured by administrator Filter by configured print items by admin user
Print Print the current selections
Cancel Cancel the selection
Return to Library ToDo


Button/Field Purpose
Save Save changes to report options
Save As Save the report as a different file name
use Form ... Opens a dialog box to use a previously saved report
Print Print the report
Close Close the report window