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Projects Buttons

Toolbar Buttons

Button Purpose/Action
If you click and drag this you will be able to drag your toolbar anywhere on the screen.
If you click on this button, you will be able to create a new project 
If you have searched for a project in list view and selected it, this button will allow you to open the project. 
Opens "Find Quote" dialog. See below. 
This button will enable you to hide or show the search bar on the right side of the Oasis list screen. 
When clicked this help button will direct you to our help wikis. 




Menu Item Purpose 
New Project Creates a new project 
Open When selected it will open the selected quote
Export When selected it will open a menu for you to save your selected quote anywhere on your computer. Be sure to give it a distinct file name and save it to a place that you will be able to find later on. 
Find See Below 
Admin  See Below
Refresh  The refresh button will run the current search again 
Print Quick Report Prints the current search as a report 
Configuration  See Below
Preferences  See Below
Close  When selected it will close out of Oasis 


When selecting this menu option, it will pull up this dialog. This a detailed search field for a project. 


Basic Tab

Option  Function
Project Project name 
Location Typically project city
Location State Typically project state or provence
Quote Base oasis quote number
MFG Quote Manufacturer's quote number
Part Number  The exact catalog number. Use the asterisk "*" as a wildcard
Fixture Type Fixture type
External Code External quote or project code. (Typically a builders service code.)
File Code External file code - typically a box number or location for file physical documents
Create Date Allows you to filter your search by the creation date of a quote. 
Update Date Allows you to sort your search by an update made on a quote. 
Bid Date Quote bid date
Blank Bid Date  Selects if the bid date is blank
Original Bid Date The original bid date (oldest in the phase of all the bids)
Active Allows you to search by only Active quotes
Inactive Allows you to search by only Inactive quotes 
Specified Was the specified check box selected. (Typically used as a "will follow up" check box")
Spec Registration Is this an out of territory spec job?
Bid Board  Show on bid board?
Rank Project ranking / color code.
Quote Status Quote status
Daily Quote Selects daily quotes only
(Simple) Quote Selects project (simple) quotes only
Project bid Selects project bids

Money Tab

The Money Tab is used to limit transactions by a dollar amount:

Option  Function 
Min Sell Minimum sell column value
Max Sell Max sell column value
Min Sell Earnings  Min sell column earning value
Max Sell Earnings Max sell column earnings value
Min Level 1 Min level 1 value
Max Level 1 Max level 1 value
Min Level 1 Earnings Min level 1 earnings
Max Level 1 Earnings Max level 1 earnings
Min Level 2  Min level 2 value
Max Level 2 Max level 2 value
Min Level 2 Earnings  Min Level 2 earnings
Max Level 2 Earnings Max level 2 earnings
Min Level 3 Min level 3 value
Max Level 3  Max level 3 value
Min Level 3 Earnings Min level 3 earnings
Max Level 3 Earnings Max level 3 earnings

Internal Tab

The Internal Tab

Option  Function 
Quoter  Assigned quoter.
Sales Account Outside sales credit
No Sales Account Selects projects without a sales account assigned
Sales Account Not 100% Select projects with a sales account not filled in completely
CSR Assigned CSR
Customer Assigned To Show quotes where a customer is quoted and the customer is assigned to the selected salesperson
Specifier Assigned To Show quotes where a specifier on the quote and the specifier is assigned to the selected salesperson
Assigned Follow Up Show quotes where the selected salesperson is assigned a follow up on the phase.
Workgroup The workgroup the bid is assigned to
Locked  Select quotes that are currently locked.


The Parties Tab allows you to choose a specific manufacturer, customer, contractor, or representative to sort your search by. 

Option  Function 
Manufacturer Select bids with material from the selected manufacturers
Parent Manufacturer Select bids with material from the selected manufacturers or brands of the selected manufacturers
Customer Select bids with customers from the selected customer list
Parent Customer Select bids with customers from the selected customer list or branches of the selected customers
Contractor Select bids with a customer entry with the selected contractor (rep version only).
Representative  Select bids with a customer entry with the selected rep list (manufacturer version only)

Submittals Tab

The Submittals Tab

Option Function 
"Has Submittal"  Select bids where a submittal has been created from the bid
RA Date Select bids within the given RA date range.
Submitted On Select bids where the submittal was submitted within the given date range.

Specifiers Tab

The Specifiers Tab allows you to 

Option  Function
Specifiers Select bids with the selected specifiers
Influences TODO
Role Select bids where the specifier below is assigned this role
Specifier Select bids where this specifier has the above role
Customer Assigned Sales Select bids where the specifier is assigned to the selected salesperson in the customer entry
Quote Assigned Sales  Select bids where the specifier is assigned to the selected salesperson in the quote
Has Specifier Select bids that have a specifier assigned
No Specifier  Select bids that have no specifier assigned
Low GC Select bids where the annotated GC has been assigned (awarded or not)
Low EC Select bids where the annotated EC has been assigned (awarded or not)
Low Distributor  Select bids where the annotated low distributor as been assigned (awarded or not).

Notes Tab    

The Notes Tab TODO

Option  Function
Notes  Where the notes are equal to. Use the asterisk to wildcard values.
Internal Notes  Where the internal notes are equal to. Use the asterisk to wildcard values.


The Attachments Tab allows you to search for quotes by attachment description, note, color, or category. 

Option Function
AttDescription  Where the description equals. Use the asterisk to wildcard.
AttNote Where the note equals. Use the asterisk to wildcard.
AttColor Where the attachment color is as selected.
AttCategory  Where the attachment category is as selected

Search Keys 

Any search keys that you have defined for quotes will be here. 

Admin Option 

When you have selected a quote you may delete it if you have Admin rights, but this delete is permanent and cannot be undone.  











Configuration Menu


Option  Function 
Role  Name of role (short form)
Description Name of role / descriptino
Always Show Always show on a project or order
Required Force user to set a value before saving the transaction
Direct Customer "My" direct customer.
Indirect Customer  My customer's customer.


Option  Function 
Role Name of role
A-Best Influence for rank "A" for the given role
For "B"
C For "C"
D- Worst  For "D"

Quote Status     

Option Function 
Name Name of status
On Quote Set when quote is sent to customer
On Submittal Set when submittal is sent
On Win Set when winning customer is selected
On Order Set when order is created
Lost Set when bid is marked as lost
Inactive Bid is considered inactive
As Order  Report as if ordered

Spec Status 

Option Function
ID Internal ID
Name Name of status
Prior Approval Set when submittal is created and "prior" is selected on the conversion screen
Color Line coloring


Option Function
Name Name of "My" competitor for win/loss reporting
Notes  Internal notes

Proj Ranks

Option Function
ID Internal ID
Name Name of rank
Color Rank color coding on bid board and other screens


Option Function
Code  Finish code
Description Description of finish


Option Function 
Voltage Voltage code
Description  Voltage description

File Preferences 

This will allow you to choose the fields you wish to see in your list view of the quotes. 

File Preferences Buttons

Option  Function 
< Add selected fields 
<< Add all fields 
> Remove selected fields 
>> Remove all fields 
Up  Move selected field up in the list 
Down  Move selected field down in the list 
Dir Stands for direction of sort. (ascending or descending) 

Available Fields 

Fields  Function
Project Project name
Bid  Bid name
Quote Number Bid / quote number
Status Quote status
Bid Date Bid Date
Sell Price  Sell column total
Accounts  Sales accounts on bid
Agencies  Spec split agencies
BSID Resell company ID
Bill City  Billing city
Bill Country  Billing Country
Bill County Billing County
Bill Line 1 Billing Line1
Bill Line 2 Billing Line 2
Bill Name Billing name
Bill State Billing state
Bill Zip Billing zip
CSR Assigned CSR
Completion Date Phase completion date
Create Date Date bid was created
Create Territory ID  Assigned workgroup
Create User User creating the bid
Customer ID Customer ID (for daily quotes)
DBID Internal database ID
Expiration Date Quote expiration date
External Project Number External project number
File Code External file code
File Date Date file code was set
Important Project  TODO
Internal Notes Internal notes
Location Location city
Location State  Location state / provence
Locked By User locking the quote
Owner Owner of the construction
Phase Phase name
Project Rank Project ranking
Quote ID Internal quote ID
Quote Locked Is the quote locked
Quote Notes Quote notes
Quote Type Quote type: dailiy, Project, Bid
Quote Year Year quote was created
Quoter Assigne quoter
Remarks Remarks on bid notes tab
Sell Comm Sell commission
Sell Earn Sell column earnings
Sell Over Sell overage
Sell Profit Sell column profit
Ship City Ship city
Ship Line 1  Ship line 1
Ship Line 2 Ship line 2
Ship Mark Ship marking instructions
Ship Name Ship name
Ship State  Ship state
Ship Zip  Ship zip
Specialization  Connectivity used field
Specified Project Was the "Specified" check box set?
Start Date Construction starting date
Update Date Date of last update
Update User Last updated by user
Valuation  General tab valuation
Bid Date  Bid date

Blue Side Bar


Option  Function 
Find Show the project search screen
Project Search Bar Key all or part of a project name (or key a pounds sign and the base quote number only). then press "Find" to show the related quotes.
Day Views

Today - show quotes from today
2 days - show quotes that bid over the last few days
7 days - show quotes that bid over the last 7 days.

Days Enter a number of days to show the quotes bid during the entered number of days.
Show Bids If checked, the bid is shown. Otherwise only the project header is shown.
Active Bids Only show the active bids. (Closed bids are not shown.)
My Projects Only Only show my projects.
Status  Only show projects with the given status
My Bids Show my bids on the bid board
Workgroup Bids Show bids in my workgroup that are on the bid board
All Bids  Show all bids on the bid board.