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Database Login

Database Login 

Field Name Purpose
Kind Allows for selection of the type of DB Connection.  If you need multiple connections, then use "Ask" to utilize the Connection Manager (see below)
Server Normally the IP Address or Host Name of the server.  If on the server machine, you can use "localhost"
Port Default port is 2638.  However, in certain situations this is changed by the User and is different in Cloud Setup.  If using SAJDBC, then this will be the DB Service Name, followed by the @ symbol and then port (service@1234).
User The user name for DB Login.  Not the same as User Name for OASIS login.  Default is "oasis"
Password Password for DB Login.  Default is "oasis" but can be changed by the user and is different in Cloud setup.
OK Attempts to login using the credentials above
Cancel Cancels the login

Connection Manager

If you use "Ask" as the Kind in the Database Login Dialog, OASIS is instructed to ignore whatever information is in the Database Login window and instead bring up the Connection Manager window. Using this window, you can configure an OASIS client to be able to connect in different ways. It is typically used when there is different connection information for accessing the database from within the office and from outside of the office. It is also used when there are multiple databases to choose from.

Column Name Purpose
Connect Displays a "Go" button which connects to the database indicated when clicked
DFLT If checked, indicates that this is the default database to connect to
Name Label for the database whose connection information is on that line
Kind Indicates which database driver is used for the connection
Server Indicates the server IP address or host name
Port Indicates the port number to use, typically 2638
User Database user name, by default "oasis"
Paswd Database password, by default "oasis" for local databases
Button Name Purpose
Ok Connects to the database marked as default
Cancel Closes the connection manager window
Add Adds a blank line for new connection information
Remove Removes the selected line


SAJDBC driver (Preferred)

This uses the SQL Anywhere Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver to connect to the database. This is the preferred connection method at this time, especially for cloud hosted databases and remote connections. It has the speed of the ASAODBC driver and the stability of the Sybase driver.

Advantages: Speed. Large attachment support with minimal memory (RAM) impact. The preferred driver (per the vendor).

Disadvantages: Uses DLLs (shared libraries on Mac OS X and Unix) that can cause OASIS to unexpectedly crash for no reason. (Windows updates can cause the DLLs to fail.)

Server: [IP address (preferred) or host name]
Port: [service name @ port number, typically oasis@2638]
User: oasis
Pass: oasis

Sybase driver

This uses the Sybase database driver to connect to the database. This driver connects to a database on a specified IP address and port purely based on TCP connections and is very stable overall. However, it can work more slowly than ASAODBC when managing large data sets.

Advantages: Works on all OSes (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix). Works well in a VPN environment. Very predictable results.

Disadvantages: Slowest of the drivers. Uses more memory and network bandwidth.

Server: IP address or host name
Port: 2638
User: oasis
Pass: oasis

ASAODBC driver

This uses the Sybase (formerly Adaptive Server Anywhere) Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver to connect to the database using a Microsoft ODBC data source. This driver listens for a database broadcasting as "oasis" over a UDP connection. Depending on network environments, this can sometimes be flaky and inconsistent; however, it handles large data sets well, such as when attaching large files or managing large price lists.

Advantages: Easy to set up. Server moves are simplified as the database broadcast allows client machines to find the database. Fairly fast for most users. Does allow user to control connection settings (compression, etc.).

Disadvantages: Firewalls can confuse the driver if UDP requests are not allowed. Uses DLLs (shared libraries on Mac OS X and Unix) that can cause OASIS to unexpectedly crash for no reason. (Windows updates can cause the DLLs to fail.)

Server: oasis
Port: oasis
User: oasis
Pass: oasis

SQL Server/MS SQL Server

OASIS provides limited support for SQL server databases. We strongly recommend against using this database type with OASIS.

Advantages: Useful for SQL Server shops

Disadvantages: Second class support from Ingen Software. Cases can take longer to resolve. Not optimized for performance.

Server: [IP address]
Port: 1433
User: oasis
Pass: oasis