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Sales Order Form Update


The forms generated by OASIS and sent to the factory are utilized by nearly 100% of the sales agencies using OASIS. The result is many factories have well over 50% of the order forms they receive (electronically or by FAX) are from OASIS. It is important that all documents sent to each factory be very similar in style and data content. Minor changes for one sales agency could very well result in order entry errors at the factory.

For this reason, Ingen Software does not make changes to the forms sent from our agency version of OASIS very often. However, the time has come to release an update to the Sales Order, Hold Order, Partial Order, and Change Order forms. The primary motivator is to include the "net" or "base" price from which the manufacturer calculates overage. Other changes will be considered as well.

The status of this form change is "Proposed" - that is, no production changes have been implemented. Comments are requested.

Please email any suggestions or comments to

Current Example Form

The Form Changes

Overage Net / Total Block

This is the motivation for the new form. Regardless of heading and final position, the base price upon which the manufacturer calculates overage is to be added to the "Net" column on the example form.

Here are some notes from the example:

  • The first line does not have any overage. The sell price is used to calculate final commission earnings at 5% or $5 per $100 item or $50 for 10 $100 items.
  • The second line does have overage and the overage block is filled out.
    • Commission is calculated from the Overage/Net column at the commission rate of 5% or $5 per $100 item or $50 for 10 $100 items.
    • Overage is calculated by subtracting the sell price from the Overage/Net column and the value is shown in the Overage/Total column. The overage paid to the rep is then calculated by multiplying the overage split (not shown) at 75% or $750 for 10 items.

The difficulty in showing Overage is that there are multiple columns that could be shown, but there are limits to the amount of data that can be printed - even if the form is sent via email as a PDF.

Other Changes

Basic form cleanup

  • aligning column totals

Original Form Example