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Last modified on 8/17/2015 9:36 AM by User.

Submittal Cross-Checking Icons

Submittals are sent out for prior approvals and later for final approvals. To know if the submittal and quote are out-of-sync with each other, icons showing the submittal state are now available.

Please note that the cross-checking only applies to the quote the submittal was created from. If a new bid is created (e.g. new bid like), then the cross-checking will not apply to the new bid until a new set of submittals is created for the new bid.

This is a new feature using data not available on existing quotes. Only quotes with new submittals created in release W568D1 or later will show the icons.

How it works

The operation is pretty simple: if the line on the quote has a matching submittal (or multiple), then the icons are enabled and displayed at the end of the part field on the quote. The icons are:

  • Blank: there is no matching submittal for the quote line.
  • Green check (): There are one or more submittal lines matching the line on the quote, and the catalog numbers match between the quote and all matching submittal(s).
  • Red X (): There are one or more submittal lines matching the line on the quote, and the catalog numbers do NOT match between the quote and the matching submittal(s).
  • Blue question mark (): There is more than one submittal line matching the line on the quote, and some submittal catalog numbers match the quote, while other submittal catalog numbers do not match the quote line.

Kits and Components

Kits and components will work as expected. If the submittal was created with the "roll up kits" feature checked, then the rolled up catalog number is checked against the submittal, and the component lines are ignored. If the "roll up kits" feature is not checked, then the kit line is ignored, and the component catalog numbers are used instead.


Consider this submittal:

The icons set on the quote lines are shown to all be matching, with the exception of the last type "C" fixture, which was modified on the quote after the submittal was created.

Deactivating this Feature

If some users find this feature to be distracting, it can be turned off on a per-user basis. From within a project, go to File > Preferences and click on the "Other" tab. Uncheck the setting indicated below: