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(No longer supported)

NOTE: OASIS Mobile App will be undergoing many changes and as such development on the current App will be impacted.  See the OASIS Mobile App Way Ahead.pdf for more information.

OASIS for iOS provides tools for your outside salespeople to manage their accounts and keep up to date with the current projects that are bidding. Whether you are an existing OASIS user or new to the industry, OASIS for iOS can help you manage your business and focus on making more sales.

All help documentation is available via the in-app menus. While navigating the app, use the "Help" option to see information relevant to the screen you are on, or use the"Open Ticket" feature to ask us questions or troubleshoot issues directly!
Note: OASIS for iOS requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is recommended that you update your device to see if it is supported. 

Core Features

Application Documents

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

  • Issues Setting Up Sync
  • Sync is Slow or Unresponsive
  • Missing Data on the Device after Syncing

Additional Help Documents

  • Beta testing OASIS for iOS using Test Flight
  • Beta testing OASIS for iOS (old process)