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Directly Downloading Cree Price Files

Creating a New Cree Price List

NOTE: The following assumes you have gone through the setup process detailed here.

To Create or Update the Cree price list, select the "Pricing" application in OASIS - it will appear under the "Manufacturers" application:

If there is already a Cree price list in OASIS then it is recommended to delete it.
(*** Only if this is the first time the Cree price list is to be downloaded directly from Cree***)

To start the download, first click on the "Cree" manufacturer entry (in purple) turning the entry blue (as shown above). Then select "Update Pricing" under the "Tools" menu:

The download will start with a "balloon" in windows (or a popup on the Mac) indicating the download is processing in the background. The download may take a while and OASIS should not be closed until the price list download is complete. You may continue to work in OASIS while the price list is downloading.

Once the download is complete, a balloon will show with either an error or a successful completion of the download. Click on the "Cree" manufacturer entry to refresh/show the downloaded price list:

Open the price list and look at the "Level Names" tab.  It is recommended to set the Order and Quote paths to 'Price' and 'Book' as shown below.  (The book price is automatically set to overageable)

Press "Save and Close" to save changes.

Typical Cree Pricing Levels:
  • 12% and 7% commission levels
  • 10% and 5% commission levels
  • 4% commission level
  • 3% commission level

The higher commission percentage price level is set to the Book value and reflects the overageble book value.
The lower commission percentage price level (if present) is set to the Price value of the item.  (This price is populated in the Sell column of quotes and orders if Level Names are set as defined above)