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Setting up the Reorder Points

The reorder points can be managed from the Warehouse Editor. To open the warehouse, click on "File" > "Edit Warehouse" from the Inventory section, or click the "Edit warehouse" link on the right-hand search bar.

Inside the warehouse editor, click on the warehouse you wish to mange, and you should be on the "Items" tab.

To view the reorder point columns, check the box for "Manage Reorder Points".

The columns operate together to form the logic from which the "Create Restock Orders" feature uses. 

  • Reorder At - When your "On Hand" count matches or falls below this value, the reorder logic will flag the part as ready to be restocked.
  • Reorder To - The quantity the reorder logic attempts to reach (or exceed, if necessary) when suggesting quantities to reorder.
  • Overstock - The value that the "On Hand" quantity should never exceed.
  • Reorder Units - The carton count or groups which the reorder logic should increment by.

Once you have your reorder units set up, the "Create Restock Orders" feature will be enabled for those specific parts.

Creating Restock Orders