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Basic Inventory»Fulfilling Backorders
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Fulfilling Backorders

When picking items from local stock, you will not always have the items available for instant fulfillment. In these cases, a backorder will be created for you instead of a warehouse pick. Backorders operate similarly to picks, with the difference being you have to complete them at a later time when the inventory is restocked with the items you need.

When you are ordering an item that is out of stock, you will be notified via the inventory status bar beneath the item on the order's bill of material.

In these cases, when you mark the item as a "Warehouse Pick" via the status column, you will create a backorder in the system. For more information on creating picks and fulfilling from inventory, see the help doc "Order Entry and Fulfillment".

Once you print the order, you will be given the option to print the backorder. This will also create the backorder at this time. You can then proceed to finish entering the order. If you wish to view the backorder, you can access is via the Attachments Tab of the order, or by going to the Inventory section and clicking on the "Backorders" search filter.

When viewing the backorder, you will notice it is similar to a pick. The primary differentiation between a pick and a backorder is the status. Once the backorder is completed, it will appear in the system as an inventory pick.

Completing the Backorder

Once the necessary items have been received, you can open the backorder to the items tab to mark the items as fulfilled. You can quickly get to fulfillable backorders by searching for the "Fulfillable Backorders" filter from the Inventory section. Once in the backorder, you can either complete the entire pick by clicking the "Complete" button at the bottom of the screen, or by checking the "All" box next to the individual items you wish to fulfill. If you wish to do a partial fulfillment of an item, you can key the quantity you wish to provide in the "Filled" column on the items tab.