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Basic Inventory»Order Entry and Fulfillment
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Order Entry and Fulfillment

To pick items from your local inventory, you create a regular OASIS order for the appropriate type (e.g., commissioned for consignment items, resell for resell items). When entering orders, you can mix and match items that are to be fulfilled from your local stock vs. ordered from the manufacturer. When you type in the part number, a red hint will appear beneath the item listing the inventory status. 

If you wish to pick the item from local inventory at this point, then you must find the "Source" column on your bill of material (usually located to the right) and select "Warehouse Pick" from the dropdown.

From there, the order will mark that line as coming from an warehouse pick. When you go to print the order, a pick will be created for you with the items marked as "Warehouse Pick". Printing that pick will print a bill of lading for you to give to your warehouse manager.