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Basic Inventory»Adding Items to Inventory
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Adding Items to Inventory

There are two ways of adding items to inventory: either by creating receipts for incoming fixtures, or by clicking the "Audit" button in the Warehouse Editor to type in Part Numbers and Counts manually.

Setting up Manufacturers for Local Inventory

Before you can stock a manufacturer's catalog in your local warehouse, you will have to mark them available to be stocked. To do so, open the manufacturer and click on the "Warehouses" tab. Check the appropriate boxes for consignment/resell warehousing (Stocked At Agency = "Consignment").

Creating Receipts for Incoming Items

To create a receipt, go to the "File" menu and select "New" > "New Receipt". You can also add receipts by clicking on the "+" icon in the toolbar in the Inventory Listing.

When you create a receipt, it will prompt you for which warehouse you are working with; if you have only one warehouse type, this step will be skipped and it will automatically select the warehouse you have created. For more on warehouse types, see the help document "Setting up and Editing Warehouses".

The receipt requires a manufacturer for the parts you are receiving. You can also link to an existing PO in OASIS; if you do, you have the option of pulling in the Bill of Material of that order to populate the receipt's packing list. This can be helpful if you have previously created an Inventory restock order, and are now receiving the parts into your inventory.

Otherwise, you can type the part numbers and quantities in manually. As you type, the part numbers will auto-match based on the manufacturer's price list. If you are adding new part numbers, it will prompt you to add the items to the parts list for future use.

Manually Auditing the Warehouse Inventory

If you need to edit the inventory quantities manually, or add items to the inventory separate from a receipt, you can audit the warehouse by clicking on the icon with a lightbulb and a checkmark. This will open the fields up for editing. You can type the manufacturers and part numbers for the items you wish to add down at the bottom, or edit counts for existing or new items. Once you are finished, hit "Ok" to save the items. Any new items added will prompt you to add them to the parts list for the relevant manufacturer.