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Applying GE Order Status


GE will send order confirmation information in the form of a .csv file. The file contains schedule dates and shipping information. Just drag and drop on OASIS to load the data directly into your orders. Some orders will have to be manually updated (match rate will vary by company).  Sign up for this report on the GE B2B application called Customer Connect.

Applying Order Status

The name of the order status files will begin with "ORDER" or "SHIPMENT" and end with ".csv". Begin by saving the .csv file to your desktop:

Drag and drop to the orders application in OASIS.

The process will update any orders that can be found in OASIS for GE that have a matching PO number AND all the items can be uniquely matched. GE does not provide fixture type in the .csv file, so the items will only match on catalog number.

For the "ORDER" files, the matching orders will be updated with the related GE SO number and estimated shipping dates. The "SHIPMENT" files will update the GE SO number and apply the carrier, PRO (tracking) number, and ship date.

All orders that can not be matched uniquely at the line level will show in the order status download folder:

Each order status item entry contains information on the related order. To view, just double click on the item:

Any information that appears in the download folder will have to be manually applied to the order.