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Loading GE price lists


The GE ADP price list is pre-formatted such that OASIS is able to read and automatically load the pricing with minimal user input. The user will need to identify the price column to auto populate on quotes and orders using the standard OASIS order path, customer levels, and quote paths.

The GE setup instructions must be followed first.

Loading the ADP Price List

NOTE: You may be sent the price list with the file extension ".xlsb". If so, you will need to open the file in Excel and save as a normal ".xlsx". (Note the ending letter.)

To load the ADP price list, begin by downloading the file to your computer. In this example, we downloaded it to our "desktop":

Next, drag and drop the file to the pricing section of OASIS (as shown). A window with a progress bar will show while the pricing is loading from the file into the OASIS pricing database:

Once complete, the window disappears. If this is the first time the price list has been loaded, click on the General Electric entry under Pricing to see the newly created price list:

Double click on the price list icon to open. Please note that the price file does have a lot of entries and some uses may need the 2G OASIS icon to open the price list. Select File->Discover data to show the pricing columns with data:

Please note that the expiration date is currently 1 year from the date the data is loaded. This may change in later releases.

Select the Level names tab to setup OASIS auto pricing:


The download will add one new price column to the price list named "ADP". The 5% and 10% price columns in the spreadsheet will be merged into this one column. The book price is also updated.

Press "Save and close" to save the price list. You may be asked to activate the price list. If so, press "Activate".

Users already logged into OASIS may have to re-login to OASIS to see the new price list.