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Applying GE Monthly Commissions to an OASIS Payment


The monthly commissions statement is sent as an .html attachment. This file may be used to do the tedious data entry portion of commissions reconciliation. The file may also be used to add invoices to OASIS. See the GE Invoices help documentation for more information.  Sign up for this report on the GE B2B application called Customer Connect.

Reconciling the GE Statement

To begin the process, save the .html file sent from GE to your desktop. Then create the GE payment in OASIS, filling out the check number and check amount:

Drag and drop the .html file into the OASIS payment window. This will cause OASIS to scan the OASIS database for GE invoices to add to the payment. If found, then the invoice is added to the payment for the amount of all the matching lines in the statement (GE sends commissions statements for each item shipped).

Once the process is completed, an exception report is created as a .PDF file and displayed. The report will show information that was in the .html file and an "Action" of "FOUND" or "NOT FOUND" with totals for each. This allows the user to identify invoices not already in OASIS:

Once the payment balances, post the payment as usual.