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Applying Daily GE Commissions as OASIS Invoices


The GE daily commissions statement is emailed as an attached .html file. The file may be used to create invoices in OASIS by dragging and dropping the .html file into OASIS. This same action may be done for the monthly email.   Sign up for this report on the GE B2B application called Customer Connect.

Dragging and Dropping the Daily Commissions

Begin by saving the .html file to your desktop:

Drag and drop the .html file to your the Invoices application in OASIS.

OASIS will attempt to match the invoice to the related GE order in OASIS using the PO number. If found and the invoice does not already exist, the invoice will be created and added to the OASIS database. Any invoices already in OASIS will be discarded.

If the PO can not be uniquely found in OASIS for "GE", it will be added to the invoice download folder. (If the PO number exists for another manufacturer in OASIS, the PO is ignored - only GE orders are considered.)

In many cases, these orders will be out of territory orders for which you are receiving credit, EDI orders sent directly to GE, and other "miscellaneous" orders. In most cases, the orders will need to be manually created in OASIS.

It is possible to create the order and invoice from the downloaded data by selecting "Tools" -> "Create Matching OASIS Transaction".