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Sending GE RFQs and Receiving GE quotes


To send an RFQ to GE, simply print and email using the OASIS Send Message feature. However, GE will return an email containing both a PDF file and an XML file OASIS will read directly.

Sending pricing requests

All GE price requests must be entered on the GE Customer Connect system.

Receiving the GE Quote

Once the email with the quote response is received from GE, save the .xml attachment to your desktop:

Drag and drop the file directly onto the quote (please note, you may have to drop onto the heading row at the top of the bill of material).

(Some users might get lucky and drag the email subject line directly from Microsoft's Outlook to the same location (as pictured above) in OASIS, and omit saving the file to your desktop. This is dependent upon Outlook and security software and we can not guarantee all users will have this ability.)

The import process begins by showing you the response from GE:

Verify the correct project name and expected items.

Press the "Import" button to import into your quote. The first time you will be asked to map the products to your internal OASIS code for GE:

Select "General Electric" (your entry may be a little different) and press "Ok":

When the window shows, OASIS will attempt to match what GE responded with to the material in your OASIS quote. The matching is performed using the fixture type code, so any variation will show as "missing" - indicating the item could not be matched to your quote. In all cases, only the material in the GE response will show.

There are a lot of features here (see the generic help for more information). The most common features to use are: 

  • Sell - import GE's price as your sell
  • Import Notes - import any notes from GE into your quote.
  • Append to quote - append the GE response to the bottom of your quote. You can later move the lines using the "move line up" and "move line down" features.
  • Merge with quote - any matching lines are updated with the price from GE and optionally the GE catalog number. Any non-matching lines are appended to the quote.
  • Import manufacturer cat# - this is automatic for new lines, but optional if merging GE's response to existing lines on the quote.

Press the "Import" button: