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Part History

Part history may be used to review historical pricing for items and help speed up pricing a quote. The history may also be used to see what job an item may already be quoted on.

Showing the History

Part history may be found by pressing the "F4" key on the quote, project or order bill of material. 

  • First key a manufacturer and catalog number
  • Press the "F4" key or select Tools > Part History (make sure the Part number is highlighted)

NOTE - The pricing for EXACT catalog number matches shows immediately. To see similar matches, append an asterisk (*) to the catalog number an click the "Approximate search" check.


The screen has the following features:

  • Part field - The catalog number may be changed to look for similar catalog numbers. Click the refresh button () to redo the search. Additionally, any part (usually the end) of the catalog number may be replaced with the asterisk (*). To activate the approximate search, click the "Approximate search" check box.
  • Preferences button() may be used to change the columns, default column widths and column ordering.
  • Within 365 days - by default, the search is within the last 365 days. Un-check this box to allow for a search of all history.
  • From Quotes - only quote history is searched (best if looking for a similar job with the same product).
  • From Orders - only order history is searched (best to find a good price that closed a sale).
  • WG - for larger groups, the history is restricted to transactions in the local workgroup. Best if trying to find a good price for the local territory.


Start by keying a manufacturer and catalog number:

Then press the "F4" key or click the Tools > Part History menu item. It will pop up the window below and show all the times this part number has been quoted on jobs with Quantity, Date, Price, User/Quoter, and the job it was quoted on.