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Row Break
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Last modified on 2/27/2014 11:25 AM by User.


Row Break

There is a new feature in Layout:  The 'Row Break'.

The original design required any field specified in Fields Displayed in Their Own Row to only show these fields' values in its own row.  There was no way to rearrange the information so that list values of a transaction like Manufacturer or Sales Account could be shown on the same report line.  Row Break allows reports to have this ability.

For example, if a report were to display Manufacturer, Direct Customer(s), and Sales Account(s), the information would be displayed this way with no way to alter it:

The Row Break feature allows this information to be configured.  It is used like any other report field, but unlike other fields, it has no value itself.  It is an indicator for configuring the display of field values.

The ***** Row Break ***** entry will always appear at the top of the Fields That Can Be Included in the Report list.  Any number of Row Break entries can be added to the Fields Displayed in Their Own Row list.  Its purpose is to indicate where fields should be separated into different rows on the report.  Our settings shown above would display the Manufacturer, Direct Customer, and Sales Account on the report as shown in our original example.

If the Row Break entry between Direct Customer and Sales Account is removed:

It will reconfigure the report to show this way:

Now the Customer IDs and the Sales Accounts are listed on the same row of the report.

Also note that a width value is now included in the Fields Displayed in Their Own Row list.  

The width is adjustable.  Its purpose is to configure how wide the field value should be.  If a value is too wide for the width specified, the information is truncated in the report.  The original width of Direct Customer is 150.  It had to be adjusted to 250 to allow all its values to display on the report.  It also provided a way to move the start of the Sales Account values to the right side of the report row.  If the width is adjusted to too large of a value or too many fields are configured to be on the same row, the color of the width value will change to red to indicate that the values of this field are too wide to display on the report row.  The portrait and landscape options are used to define report page width and will affect this indicator.